Non-Grooming Report May 11, 2015

Lack of Grooming Report May 11, 2015


mom mothers day 2013 smallArcane rules related to frequency of submissions are being blamed for the dearth of applications in the “Last Ski of the Season” contest. It seems the weighting, designed to prevent every outing being submitted, may cause potential winners to pull a Dan O’Brien. Of course it may be only us silver backs that remember when he “no heighted” in the Olympic trials due to similar fears related to misses in the pole vault.

So, if you have been rolling the dice on a Mother’s day storm to win the fabulous prizes you may have come up snake eyes. Just as Saint Patrick fails to get a storm every year, so too does Mother’s day get passed over from time to time. So, although there is snow in the forecast, the odds of it allowing even “to win a bet” skiing is a long shot. I do expect there is still some snow to be found (and man-made ski hill snow and metal roof eave piles both take a heavy hits in the style points).  I did not have a chance to search the powder pockets yesterday much to the chagrin of my 93 year old mother. Lest you forget, my mom won the event in 2013 as you can see from the picture above. I should add, hers was not the only Mother’s day entry but the other contestants were either less well costumed or were dorky guys.

So, with the Monday after Mother’s day being the traditional end to the ski season, unless there is a surprise, there may be no more grooming reporting for the season. I know one letter poured in suggesting a need for reporting on mountain bike grooming but am reminded of the scene at the start of Pet Detective II. You know, the one where the monks do hand springs of joy when they learn of Ace Ventura’s departure. So, with literary guilds everywhere in full celebration, I am reminded, re-corking champagne is not unlike un-ringing a bell. See you in the fall. (Any mountain bike reporting will be done by my evil twin.)





ATTENTION SKIERS! PLEASE AVOID ACTIVE LOGGING OPERATION. Logging operations are dangerous. We have signed, flagged and blocked trails in an effort to keep skiers from this danger. Some skiers have chosen to ignore these warnings and it is very disruptive to the operation and dangerous to the skiers. Every time a skier approaches the operation the operation must stop and the logger must assure himself it is again safe to work.   The land owners provide us the courtesy of letting us groom a ski trail on their property. In return we should offer the courtesy of avoiding the active operation. PLEASE DON’T JEPORDIZE A GOOD THING.

Please note: some trails are affected by logging operation.


There are thin spots covered by soft new snow so ski at your own risk or to win a bet.

Skiers are reminded that most of the U.P. is a commercial forest.  This is a great thing because it allows us to play in the woods.  The land owners practice the highest form of sustainable forestry and selectively harvest the high quality northern hardwood.  If you see them in the woods, thank them for their stewardship.



Grooming Comments: Again, no grooming; stern letter to follow.