No Grooming April 26, 2015

Who needs grooming? “NoGrooming” Report April 26, 2015

April 25 2015

Did I say, NO GROOMING TODAY?; For those of you that thought skiing had sunk to the level of bet winning, look at this. I expect there is similar skiing at Valley Spur but I have not received first hand accounts. I did have to drive almost 25 minutes instead of the normal 12 minuts to find this skiing but put my race skis on the snow right from the parking lot at Co Rd 510.


Now, I am bound by ethical standards to provide some real information. Most actual people would say this is “winning a bet” skiing. Being risk adverse, I tend to avoid gambling but once in a while even the arithmophobic have to throw a few dollars on black 32. Well, just as my luck tends to run at the roulette wheel, it may be I should have selected a different number (Valley Spur?). South and west facing slopes and wide open flats are bare. There are a lot of east facing slopes so skiing to 19k would provide a good amount of skiing but there is some walking involved. I stopped at the large bare spot going up the steep part of the hill after the Bismarck. I did a few hill repeats between 510 and the Bismarck. I should also add, the fast downhill leaving Co Rd 510 turns hard right and the large bare spot on the south facing aspect is blind. Growing up downhill racing and playing hockey gave me just enough skill to make a “hockey stop” before the rocks claimed my skis.




ATTENTION SKIERS! PLEASE AVOID ACTIVE LOGGING OPERATION. Logging operations are dangerous. We have signed, flagged and blocked trails in an effort to keep skiers from this danger. Some skiers have chosen to ignore these warnings and it is very disruptive to the operation and dangerous to the skiers. Every time a skier approaches the operation the operation must stop and the logger must assure himself it is again safe to work.   The land owners provide us the courtesy of letting us groom a ski trail on their property. In return we should offer the courtesy of avoiding the active operation. PLEASE DON’T JEPORDIZE A GOOD THING.

Please note: some trails are affected by logging operation.


There are thin spots covered by soft new snow so ski at your own risk or to win a bet.

Skiers are reminded that most of the U.P. is a commercial forest.  This is a great thing because it allows us to play in the woods.  The land owners practice the highest form of sustainable forestry and selectively harvest the high quality northern hardwood.  If you see them in the woods, thank them for their stewardship.



Grooming Comments: Again, no grooming; stern letter to follow.