January 15, 2018

January,  15 2018;  Grooming Report

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Kirby is out with the Gator and the wide 108 Ginzu and cleaning the skate lanes and re-setting classic tracks on the Noque and Animoosh.  Light snow is falling at dawn.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:    Skiing beyond 17k and the side trails including the Wagis should still be quite nice although the forecast “less than inch” may turn into enough to cover your ski tips if the lake effect over delivers.  We are still working on building an ice bridge to avoid the pond slush so tourist park skiing will continue to be less than ideal.

On a slightly unrelated note, as we talk about the trail names I often fear both of you have no idea what I am talking about.  While I urge everyone to ski all of the trails to see for yourselves, please consider looking at the interactive map on the www.noquetrails.org web site.  Follow the links to Nordic skiing and the Forestville trails.  You can “hover” over a given trail on the topo map and the name is highlighted.  Alternately you can hover over the name on a list and the trail lights up. Then you can click on the section of trail and a video of skiing that section pops up.  It is like magic (to those of us over 60 anyway).  We are blessed to have what I like to call, groomed back country skiing.  So many Nordic ski systems are citified.  We don’t have “golf course” skiing but rather spectacular rugged northern hardwood forest skiing.  Enjoy.

Saux Head: The trail system was groomed and track set  Saturday.


Fit Strip: The Fit Strip is groomed weekly.  The Fit Strip located in the Marquette Park Cemetery is open for skiing.  Parking is at the west end of the 800 block of Ridge Street.

Big Bay Pathway: Big Bay ski trail was groomed Saturday.  Track has been set on Meditation and Hidden Grin trails.  Bear Mountain remains ungroomed at this time.


PS: Sponsored By pictures will begin soon.  So, if you have not renewed your Trail Builder membership, now is the time. You don’t want to lose your K marker.   Please don’t make me track you down. “