Grooming (well, skiing anyway) April 16, 2015

Grooming Report April 16, 2015

Cary April 15 small

NO GROOMING TODAY;   Of course there are always positive and negative elements to any situation.  Today’s report is no different.  So, following tradition, here is the “bad”.  We are not grooming; I have to drag my skis out of the basement yet again; The above photo is of a dorky guy rather than a pretty girl (I mean no disrespect to the subject.  It is just, as a dorky guy, I see the world as a dichotomy; dorky guys and pretty girls).  On the good side of the ledger, there is still skiing to be had.  I should add, the stern looking gentleman in the photo is actually quite jolly but was squinting in the bright sun.  We have had the better part of a week’s tee shirt skiing at Forestville.  Soon one will have to drive to Co Rd 510 to find good skiing.  Then, I expect hard core skiers or persons bent on winning the “Last Ski of the Year” contest will have to schlep their skis to a north eastern aspect to satisfy their compulsion.  Will that winner be you?  Will they all be dorky guys?  Please say “yes to the first question and “no” to the second.



ATTENTION SKIERS! PLEASE AVOID ACTIVE LOGGING OPERATION.  Logging operations are dangerous.  We have signed, flagged and blocked trails in an effort to keep skiers from this danger.  Some skiers have chosen to ignore these warnings and it is very disruptive to the operation and dangerous to the skiers. Every time a skier approaches the operation the operation must stop and the logger must assure himself it is again safe to work.   The land owners provide us the courtesy of letting us groom a ski trail on their property.  In return we should offer the courtesy of avoiding the active operation.  PLEASE DON’T JEPORDIZE A GOOD THING. 


Please note: some trails are affected by logging operation.


There are bare spots so ski at your own risk or to win a bet. 

Skiers are reminded that most of the U.P. is a commercial forest.  This is a great thing because it allows us to play in the woods.  The land owners practice the highest form of sustainable forestry and selectively harvest the high quality northern hardwood.  If you see them in the woods, thank them for their stewardship.



Grooming Comments:  Again, no grooming