Grooming Report, What to do with Lemons and Rainy Days

Short version: It is snowing. We will tell you more tomorrow. Please buy your trail pass. And, for you trail builders, I know where you live and I know what you did. So, renew or face the consequences. You will hear from me or a henchman shortly.

Way Too Long Version: Well, ok, this is not even close to a grooming report. But, when all you have is lemons you can wish for pizza or make lemonade. As I was getting my play clothes out yesterday my wife was making zest for biscotti. So, just as there is more than one thing to do with lemons, so too is there more than one thing to do on a rainy day. I know some organize the sock drawer. Of course, my sock drawer is a mess as I am a firm believer there is no bad weather; only bad clothing. So, the proper play clothing for Monday was the 6/5/4 mil wet suit. Surf was over head and as clean as Superior gets.

You know, there is a truism that hold the best surfer is the one having the most fun. Never having been what I would call a good surfer in a classic sense, I stick with the truism. So, I got a ride in the washing machine’s spin cycle yesterday. You know, adrenaline is a funny drug. It is hard to titrate. It’s one of those, little more, little more, Way Too Much kind of things. So, after my feet were getting too cold to stay out, I was looking for a way through the beach break. I’m at the close out section near the old Shiras Pool discharge pipe rock crib. Just as I notice my leash is loose I find myself in the impact zone for a way too late take off on a close out section. A better surfer may have pulled it off but I watched as the tip of my board dove straight for the bottom. The first thing to hit the water was my face. The force was strong enough to blow the hood off my head. Going over the handle bars always makes we wonder if the board is about to crash into my face. Anyway, I find myself in the soup without a leash wishing I could breathe. After taking three more on the head I noticed I was on my way to Ontario in the rip current. Bobbing like a cork in a 6/5/4 suit it is surprising how hard it is to get out of a rip; especially when being pounded on the head every 10 seconds. Whether lucky or good, I was never so glad to get to shore. My adrenal gland all used up, I retrieved my board and proceeded to a welcome session in the hot tub.

As I removed my play clothes I was reminded of the first and then second emotion one feels when seeing a flat tire on a car in the garage. At first you think, rats. Then, you realize you could be on your way to a black tie event in a sleet storm. So, my second thought as I looked at the gash on the leg of my wet suit was that the board skeg could have found my forehead.

When does ski season start?

PS: it is snowing hard right now so, stay tuned.