Grooming Report November 29, 2015

November 29, 2015; This is a grooming report!

Nov 28 2015

Reporting Notes: First of all, let me apologize for failing to post ski conditions Friday and Saturday. It was not for want of trying. The technology gods conspired against me. Then, in a success of persistence over skill, I solved the Gordian knot. So, although you may have missed some great skiing you won’t miss out on great insights I would have shared Friday morning: like; football is a stupid game; or, isn’t Honolulu Blue an awful color. See below for important notes on the Snow Ball and get your Membership information.

GROOMING INFORMATION: I don’t care how many times it happens, the first snow event catches me by surprise. Those of you near the lake may not realize how much snow there is just a few hundred yards inland. Forestville is less than half a mile from the lake as the crow flies but a whole season away by the calendar. It is still surfing season on the lake for some. But, as the Teacher tells us, there is a time for everything and the first skiing is the end of the surf season for at least some well quaffed youngsters. Surf season may yet return but the six day forecast calls for cold nights so this snow may last.

Snow cover is thin but the quality is high as can be seen in the photo above taken yesterday afternoon. There are no classic tracks but classic skiing is still the best. The skate stride tends to break through the base more easily. This picture was taken just before I held a “yard sale” on the hill just west of the power lines. Be careful on the down hills. The snow is fast and the landing is hard.

The Report I would have posted yesterday but for technology issues: Visitors to the Forestville trail head will find 5+ inches of just the right kind of snow; not too fluffy and not too wet. We did roll out to the pine plantation loop as well as Animoosh. We will stay off the steep hills pending more snow. Rolling should help the snow last. Rolling this reduces the insulation allowing frost to drive into the ground. I would say it is “rock ski” skiing but our trails don’t have many rocks. I skied classic to the first bridge on Friday and never hit bottom. Grass will be showing through to be sure but it is way better than “to win a bet” skiing.

If you thought you were going to get the honors as first skier you are too late. Jon Mo beat you to it and was leaving tracks at 9:00 Friday. Skiers are reminded to wear orange for the rest of the month. Groomers can not operate machines during daylight hours except for the lunch period of 11 to 2.

NON-GROOMING INFORMATION: Folks are reminded to purchase tickets for this year’s gala SNOW BALL It is December 4th at 7:00 PM. Be sure to join us at the Masonic Temple 128 W. Washington in Marquette. I know all the dorky guys are thinking up lines to start conversations with the pretty girls.

Also, be sure to purchase your membership. You don’t want to get caught skiing without an arm band. And, for you trail builders, don’t let your prime k marker spot go to someone else. I’ll be tracking you down in the days ahead. You can save yourself the time of reading yet another way too long email and me the time to write a way too long email. Call Kellie or myself and renew. Or, if you wish to avoid the annoying part all together, you can go the web site and renew on line. In any case, you know who you are. See you on the trails,