Grooming Report November 23, 2013

Grooming Report November 23, 2013
General Comments: Skinny bike tires are giving way to fat bikes and skinny skis! We may actually be in ski season for good. The six day forecast is for cold and a chance of snow each day. I will give a more accurate report on amount of snow at the trails in tomorrow’s report. We will pack if snow volume warrants it. Packing today will be important to drive frost into the ground given the cold forecast. There is about 3” on the ground in Marquette near the lake but up the hills in Forestville, Saux Head and Valley Spur there is likely to be a fair amount more. If you venture out to the Forestville trail head be sure to bring old skis, warm cloths and an open mind. It may not be skiable.
Call for Volunteers: Being an NTN volunteer is a great way to see the world, meet interesting people and get cold and wet. We have immediate openings for groomers and trail head hosts.
• Groomers get to drive snowmobiles, have input on how, what and when trails are groomed and get cold and wet. Most of our grooming is done by volunteers. So, before work or before bed, if conditions warrant, one (or more) of your fellow skiers, not unlike the shoemaker’s elves, is out making corduroy for the morning’s enjoyment.
• Trail hosts get to have similar input but tend to be warm and dry. We staff the trail head during the season with volunteers. Trail hosts manage the business, greet skiers, rent skis, sell passes and keep the home fire burning. It is a jolly place.
We will have a volunteer orientation at 1:00 P.M. on December 7th . Grooming volunteers will get to know each other and the fleet of equipment. We operate three snowmobiles, a Gator side by side, three Ginzu track setters, a roller, two Bombardier tractors and the equipment to keep them running. Trail head volunteers will learn the ropes of the trail head facility and related business. We do hope to see you there.
On a related note, we will have a trail head clean up day next Saturday, November 30th at 9:00 A.M. There are some light housekeeping tasks yet to do for the season and many hands make light work.
For more information you may find us at:
Noquemanon Trail Network
PO Box 746
Marquette, MI 49855
Cell: (906)235-6861