Grooming Report Feb 23, 2013

February 23, 2013
Greetings NTN Members,

Forestville: More new snow! Up to 5” of light fine snow fell over night on the Forestville trails. Groomers are out in force this morning to keep trails open and set fresh classic tracks. Some trails will be ready by first light but skating lanes will still be soft. Given a choice, give me too much snow before either too little or too icy.

Celebrate, Socialize and Relax Friday March 1st at the Forestville Trailhead. An informal ski and social hour for adults will begin at 4 pm and end when it’s over. Gather –up a few friends or ski alone but get out for a refreshing end-of –the-work-week reward. Bring your adult beverage and a “heavy “ hors d’oeuvres to share and we’ll celebrate the Trailhead building’s facelift and the great skis we’ve enjoyed this season. Non-members will be welcome with a ½ price trail pass for $5.00. Call Laurie at 906-226-3476 for more info.

Saux Head: Following major snow event on Wednesday, we packed all trails. We hope to set tracks this morning but may have to roll again depending on amount of fresh snow.

Valley Spur; See web site for details and on FB at Valley Spur Trails – National Forest Service

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.

Fit Strip: New snow has made the Fit Strip as good as it gets.

Big Bay Pathway: Open and tracked.

The South Trails Snow Bike loops were groomed on 2.19.13. We will pack again this evening following this fresh snow overnight.