Grooming Report December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017; Grooming Report
Real Grooming Report: Groomers are out again this morning rolling 1” to 2” of new snow overnight. The thin cover indicates skiers should stick to the flatter trails but we are rolling everything inside 17k today. Expect uneven terrain and a few patches of grass. There are even a few spots of sand near the power lines but nothing to worry about. Skiing to the first bridge at 17k was very nice yesterday.
Way Too Long Grooming Report: Snow in the forecast for today and tonight could spell the end of early season conditions. We did baby the thin cover yesterday and kept the groomers in the barn. Real grooming looks to be in the offing shortly.

For those of you in need of “secret miles”, I fear you missed your chance. I got caught yesterday so there is no hiding the fact I need work. I did attempt to blame it on my old slow rock skis but the facts proved otherwise. I know, I know, a good crafts person never blames the tools but I never said I was good. It took so long to get back from 17k I almost needed a head lamp. I expect I’m not the only one that checked the calendar to count the days until the Noque’ death march. I always think of Homer’s epic during these early season “out and back” skis. You sign up for something you can’t undo. So, just as Odysseus had himself lashed to the mast to hear the sirens’ song, out of shape skiers go out and back. See you out there. I’ll be the one dragging my tongue.

PS: If you have not renewed your Trail Builder membership, now is the time. Please don’t make me track you down. “