Grooming Report April 7, 2013

Grooming Report April 7, 2013

Greetings NTN Members,

Forestville: You should have been here yesterday! All trails were groomed and a light blanket of fresh snow made for ideal skiing. Late in the day temperatures rose above freezing where they remained even over night. As such we can not groom until a re-freeze. Skiing may be fine today but skiers are reminded of proper etiquette in such conditions. If your skis cut into the base such that a re-freeze will ruin skiing for others, it is best to avoid the trails.
We will continue to keep the trails in good shape for some time given the great skiing and high interest. Quite a few skiers are getting out and enjoying the long season.
Now just a few words on spring grooming. Much of the April (and I expect May) skiing is during a freeze/thaw cycle. Early in the morning it will be hard, icy and very fast. Late in the day is will be soft, slushy and potentially slow. In the middle however, it can be perfect. Grooming is aimed at extending this “Goldie Locks” zone (not too warm, not too cold). Grooming in the early morning can knock down the icy ridges left by skiers during the thaw period leaving just a smooth hard surface. This smooth icy surface can be very nice and it need not warm very much to make it ideal. So, the Goldie Locks zone begins as soon as temperatures get above freezing. Grooming when it is above freezing takes all the air out of the snow and leaves a block of ice once temps fall. Our first rule is “do no harm”. So, no grooming today.
So, if you live where you can see your grass, come on up if you aren’t ready for golfing, lawn care, bike riding, water skiing…

We no longer have any paid grooming so any grooming will be by volunteers. Mountain bike season (except for snow bikes) is a ways off so skiers and volunteers are plentiful. If you can groom, please contact one of the Ski Operations folks. You can email if you can groom this week.

Saux Head: All trails have good cover but not freshly groomed.

Valley Spur; See web site for details and on FB at Valley Spur Trails – National Forest Service

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.

Fit Strip: Groomed and Tracked Sunday night, 3.17.13

Big Bay Pathway: Groomed Friday

Snow Bike Route, South Trails: Groomed 3.19.13.