Grooming Report April 22, 2013

Grooming Report April 22, 2013

Greetings NTN Members,

Forestville: April it the cruellest month? With apologies to Mr. Eliot, he should have taken up spring skiing. Yesterday morning was mid-season skiing. The groomed trails to 16k were excellent.
CRUST SKIING SEASON IS HERE! Then, much to my surprise, crust skiing was incredible! We had not groomed all of the trails on Saturday following the storm. The smooth surface set up for crust skiing that was as good as it gets. For those of you that have not enjoyed this phenomenon, cold mornings in the spring will leave the woods ideal for skiing anywhere. With this year’s deep snow pack, you can expect several weeks of potential excellent crust skiing. Any morning below freezing will yield excellent crust until the mid-day high softens it too much.
Spring Plans: Daily grooming reports will be suspended as of today. We will post for the weekend and if conditions warrant. Although skiing continues to be good and even excellent, grooming will be on a limited basis. Forecast for the week calls for a wintery mix and grooming is not indicated. Temps may fall into the high twenties so things will set up. Skiing on the groomed surface will be poor to fair until temps warm to freezing and things soften up. However, the crust will be the place to go anyway. We will evaluate running the Ginzu on trails for next weekend depending on the weather. I do think the Noque’ may end up being the last good skiing in the mid-west this year. We have been posting pictures on the Skinny Skis website and the number of skiable locations is very short already. Each of the past two weekends we had out of state skiers at the pole barn.
We no longer have any paid grooming so any grooming will be by volunteers. We will try to get out yet this week. If you can go, please contact one of the Ski Operations folks. You can email if you can groom this week.

Saux Head: FRESH GROOMING! All trails were groomed Sunday morning and skiing was excellent.

Valley Spur; See web site for details and on FB at Valley Spur Trails – National Forest Service

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.

Fit Strip: Groomed and Tracked Sunday night, 3.17.13

Big Bay Pathway: Groomed Friday

Snow Bike Route, South Trails: Groomed 3.19.13.