Grooming November 14, 2018

November  14, 2018;  Grooming Report

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Over the week end Andy roller packed  6-8 in at FVTH and roller packed Noque to 17k, Animoosh, Papasay, Boozhoo, Zhing, and the stadium. Weather has continued to bless skiers with cool days and cold nights.  I am sure the trails are thin but still skiable.


We need feedback from any first hand accounts on the trails.  Please reply or post to Face Book so we can share your information.  Also, have you been to other areas?  I have a manacle attached to a chain attached to a desk.  I have been gnawing through the desk leg but to no avail.  Please share your experience for the good of the collective.


Way Too Long Grooming Report:   I expect most of you have already scraped off your storage wax and have 100k under your belt.  Of course, some of us don’t want to talk about what is under our belt and believe  storage wax is to skis as is vermouth to good gin; you know, you just show the shaker a picture of the bottle.

Storage wax is a good example of where procrastination pays off.  I am reminded of a co-worker from a previous life.  We were counter parts in different corporate departments.  One day I asked Herschel Moaning if he had completed the task ordered by Corporate.  I was new and he shared his experience by telling me it was only the first request.  In a few weeks they would ask again and he would apologize and say he would get right on it.  On the third request he would be even more apologetic and would actually perform the task.  The fall off between the first and third request  was significant and his life was enhanced.  It even took on a name.  Don’t we all wish to have our name immortalized in the vernacular?  So, when it comes to cross country skis getting storage wax, I follow the Hershel Moaning technique.  Now I don’t have to scrape it off either.

However, I do have my head lamp on the charger and do plan on getting in some K this evening.  See you out there.