Grooming March 7, 2016

Grooming March 7, 2016
Spring Logging is underway: As most of you know, we ski on trails in a commercial forest. Without forestry we have no skiing. So, hug a forester or logger (when they are not logging or foresting). Some trails will be affected. A map is posted at the trail head and ribbon will close off affected trails. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS RIBBONS! The loggers have a job to do and continued interruptions make their job far more difficult. Thanks.

Forestville:   Warm overnight temperatures kept groomers parked this morning. The long range

forecast calls for ‘round the clock thaws through the week.



Saux Head: All trails groomed and track set on Wednesday. Conditions are great.



Big Bay Pathway: Big Bay Pathway trails are for classic skiing only. Groomers get out several times per week.  Given the remoteness of the trail, always ski with a partner. Cell phone service is not available in all parts of the trail.


Fit Strip: The Fit Strip (located at the Park Cemetery) in the city of Marquette is groomed regularly. New heavy snow will make this loop excellent for lunch hour outings.


Single Track Snow Bike Trails: The South Trails are groomed for snowbike riding. Snowbike grooming at the South Trails is at the cutting edge of the sport. NTN is continually evolving grooming technology. If you have never seen these trails in the winter you need to get out there. You have to ride a snowbike on a groomed trail to appreciate what is being invented right in our back yard. You need to get out there. For up to the minute grooming information see Single track facebook post .


The Way Too Long Version:  Temperatures may drop just below freezing but if moisture remains in the snow grooming is counter productive. This part of winter can produce very enjoyable skiing but grooming is problematic. Look for the time of day when temperatures have been above freezing for the right amount of time. Of course, “the right amount of time” is dependent on a great many factors including; how cold it was last time it froze, trajectory of the temperature rise, age of snow, percent cloud cover, humidity, wind and, according to some discredited pundits, star alignment and moon phase. This ideal ski time is commonly called, “the Goldie Locks Zone” after the famous literary figure bent on finding things that were “not too hot and not too cold”. The grooming report writer’s guild have commissioned a study designed to predict the Goldie Locks Zone and have applied for grant funding. Interested parties may submit suggested formulae. Winners will be announced anon.


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