Grooming March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018;  

Thank you Trail Builders: As you know, my dog ate the k marker pictures but did leave this one from Saturday at the lake.

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Kirby is making a double pass with the Gator and the 108 Ginzu to 17k on the Noque and Animoosh. Bob is getting Bagwagi and Migizi.  The weekend classic tracks are still in very good shape but I expect we are into klister season.


SPECIAL NOTE TO SKIERS; Gookookoo, Papasay and the connector from Hemlock Junction to the point where Migizi and Bagwaji meet will be closed for the season effective today:  The majority of our trail system is on commercial forest land.  The land owners allow NTN to use them for ski trails but every 10 to 15 years they harvest some trees.  This year they are logging west of the trail head beginning at the power lines.  As the logging operation moves west, other trails will be effected.  The loggers are working with NTN to keep trails open as long as possible.


Now for some nitty gritty details for skiers like me that dearly love to ski Bagwagi and Chiwagi.  They are still open via Migizi!  So, you get an extra two hills in your ski! Go out the Noque 1k past the power lines. Take the first right onto Migizi after the hill at 11k. At the bottom of the hill turn left onto Bagwagi and enjoy for now.


Please give the loggers a wide berth.  They are doing difficult and dangerous work.  Your help will be appreciated by all.


We should all know, without commercial forest operations we would have no ski trails.  So, if you see a logger or forester, say “thanks”.


Saux Head: Was groomed and track set Thursday.  All trails are in excellent shape.  Saux Head trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. The trails are spectacular with great hills as well as rolling terrain.  The views are beautiful and overlook Superior and Saux Head.  Today and the weekend look to be great days for Saux Head.  If you have not skied them you don’t know what you are missing.  Please go today, tomorrow or Sunday. The trail head is located 15 miles west of Marquette just off Co Rd 550; follow the signs.

Fit Strip: The Fit Strip is groomed as time permits.

Big Bay Pathway: Wednesday Big Bay Pathway was groomed and in excellent condition.  Ridge Line is groomed and in excellent condition as well.

Meditation, Hidden Grin, Bear Mountain and Ridge Line are groomed and in excellent condition.



Way Too Long Grooming Report:    I had to interpret Kirby’s text and hope I did get it right.  I do expect he was using voice text and Siri tends to get in her cups rather early.  He said the surface is pretty hair.  I think he meant it “has” pretty hair but others in the editorial board were sure he meant it is pretty hairy.  One voice from the back shouted it must mean it is pretty hard but we all just laughed at that idea. I should add, he did comment that the Bimo tracks are still solid and none of knew what he was getting at there.

Anyway, each season there are only a few of those perfect days.  Above you see a photographic representation of such a day from Saturday.  Temperatures around 30, not a breath of wind and full sun all day.  We threw an ice chunk onto the black ice below and watched it skitter out of sight.  A smart guy would have brought a hockey puck or a golf ball and club; I bet you could hit the island. The ice was an inch think and would likely have held even me but I didn’t have any ice claws handy.  It reminds me of several times in the olden days when we skated from the bottom of Sugar Loaf all the way to Presque Isle.  I should hasten to add, even travel on the anchor ice is dangerous.  One that has yet to procreate should think twice.  Of course, others think the gene pool should be cleansed first but never mind that.  Anchor ice travel is just as on glaciers; the smart ones rope up.  Still, if conscious of the danger you can look for the likely spots for ice bridges and be sure you can slip out of your snow shoes.  In any case, I have yet to see the bottom of a crevasse or the bottom of anchor ice so you’ll have to put up with more such ramblings a while longer.