Grooming March 31, 2017

March 31, 2017;

Please Join Us As We Honor our Winter Staff and Volunteers

  • Sunday April 2rd from 1:30-4:00 PM. Forestville Trailhead
  • NTN will provide hamburgers, brats and hotdogs grilled by a famous local chef ( Geno Angeli). Soft drinks, buns and condiments will also be provided.
  • Bring a dish to pass and adult beverage (if desired)
  • Get to know the dedicated people who groom the trails, repair equipment, entertain us with clever grooming reports, greet skiers, snowshoers and bikers, rent equipment, keep the building clean, feed the birds, stoke the fire and embody the friendly face of the NTN.
  • Honor our Volunteer of the Year at 4 pm!!
  • RSVP by March 29th by calling Kellie at 906-235-6861

(I guess not a) Real Grooming Report Forestville:  Grooming is done for the season but I don’t think skiing done. Skiers will find bare spots in open areas but many kilometers of good cover remains. Look for the proper time of day when snow is not too hard and not too soft.

Saux Head:

Grooming is done for the year at Saux Head

Fit Strip Trails: Grooming is done for the year at Fit strip

Big Bay Trails: Grooming is done for the year at Big Bay.

Snow Bike Trails: Snow bike enthusiast are encouraged to visit the Face Book page dedicated to snow bike trails. Conditions vary from day to day and grooming is not a daily event. Each day bikers will comment on conditions and post pictures.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:

I’m sure you remember how March arrived: school children were enjoying the St. Leo Luke day snow storm. Well, Leo is long gone and it is clearly Aries on the way out.

Sadly, I’ve got some items on my “dumb things I godda do” list today but skiing is surely at the top of the things I wanna do today. I almost pedaled out to the office today but that would make the ski idea much less likely.

Days like this remind me of a wonderful spring day; it seems like yesterday.  The Goldie Locks period began very early that day so we were at Forestville about 9:00 AM. The skate surface was spectacular; fast but forgiving; hero snow. The air was still and the ski was clear. We fairly flew up to Co Rd 510 and back. I had to hustle because water skiing was planned for noon with Jake and Jamie.

The air remained as calm as can be so the lake was glass. Our inboard ski boat was the only thing disturbing the surface of the lower harbor. There was still anchor ice and even some float ice. I know you are saying, “man up, you have a wet suit.”, but, you can’t wear booties skiing so, put your feet in a bucket of ice water and tell me it isn’t cold. Of course, I should add, that first 30 seconds in ice water is still bracing even in a wet suit.  But, to ski to exhaustion behind a real ski boat on such a day was not to be missed. I should add, I have a great series of videos showing Jake trying to get up over an over ‘till exhaustion won the day. His feet looked like lobster claws at the end of the experience.

So, when our arms were rubbery from over use, we hauled the boat and pondered what to do with the rest of the day; it was only 2:00 in the afternoon and beautiful. In 45 minutes we were at Marquette Mountain on our way up the chairlift. I have skied all over the world but a great day at Marquette Mountain is a great day anywhere. Ideal spring corn is something you must experience. Zero friction and effortless turns as the top of moguls explode in your face can not be adequately described with the written word alone.

As they turned off the lifts we enjoyed cold naturally carbonated grain beverages in the sun and said, “let’s do this triathlon again”. I’m game. We just need a calm day and a ski boat.