Grooming March 24, 2017

March 24, 2017; grooming report

Real Grooming Report Forestville:  Groomers remained parked following last night’s freezing rain. Above freezing day time temperatures will soften trails by mid morning and good skiing will continue through the day.

Saux Head: Grooming is done as needed but at least weekly at Saux Head

Fit Strip Trails: Fit strip groomed and tracked as needed but at least weekly.

Big Bay Trails: Grooming is done weekly at Big Bay for Classic only.

Snow Bike Trails: Snow bike enthusiast are encouraged to visit the Face Book page dedicated to snow bike trails. Conditions vary from day to day and grooming is not a daily event. Each day bikers will comment on conditions and post pictures.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: One can truly feel the rhythm of our environment through the daily experience. There is a great story this in the classic documentary, Step into Liquid. This under capitalized surfer in Bodega Bay decided to surf every day regardless the conditions of weather or health. Dale Webster, known as “The Daily Wavester” surfed every day for over 40 years! With this kind of consistency one can see how it is to surf with kidney stones, shark attacks and overhead glass. His dedication lead his daughter to be the only girl in school history to have perfect attendance all four years. She is now in college. It makes me feel like a piker. Today’s hoarfrost is spectacular. So, we want to hear from you. I bet there are daily “skisters” out there that have very messy sock drawers indeed. We need some pictures (and not just of the sock drawer).