Grooming March 23, 2017

March 23, 2017; grooming report

Real Grooming Report Forestville:  Groomers are out with the Ginzu equipment again today cleaning up the skate lanes inside 14k. Classic tracks will be left as is from the weekend as the old hard surface will not allow a re-set. As explained yesterday, our grooming efforts are being adjusted. Groomers are now focused on the trails inside the 14k mark. That leaves a great many “k” of great skiing. On the weekends we will work on additional “K” up to or even beyond 17k.

Saux Head: Grooming is done as needed but at least weekly at Saux Head

Fit Strip Trails: Fit strip groomed and tracked as needed but at least weekly.

Big Bay Trails: Grooming is done weekly at Big Bay for Classic only.

Snow Bike Trails: Snow bike enthusiast are encouraged to visit the Face Book page dedicated to snow bike trails. Conditions vary from day to day and grooming is not a daily event. Each day bikers will comment on conditions and post pictures.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: I have been prognosticating on south Asian tea prices, the human condition and ski conditions for longer than an old guy can remember. Yet, I have never seen a six day forecast with “wintery mix” each day. I can only speculate whether one should one should buy or sell Darjeeling on the ICEX or plan on world peace. However, it is clear, skiing will remain good provided one has the proper clothing and a working klister spatula.