Grooming March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017; grooming report

Midway Rental

Today’s report is being brought to you by Midway Rental. Midway Rental has been a great friend and supporter of NTN and the Noque’ trail from the beginning. For their great support, Midway Rental is feted with a sign at the Compeau Junction. If you see the nice folks at Midway Rental, “thanks”.

Real Grooming Report Forestville:  All trails inside 17 k have been groomed and track set (except Chiwagi hills but they have been rolled).


Saux Head: Tim will get out and groom this new snow as soon as he can. Grooming is done as needed but at least weekly at Saux Head


Fit Strip Trails: Fit strip groomed and tracked as needed but at least weekly.


Big Bay Trails:  We will get out and groom this new snow as soon as we can. Grooming is done weekly at Big Bay for Classic only.


Snow Bike Trails: Snow bike enthusiast are encouraged to visit the Face Book page dedicated to snow bike trails. Conditions vary from day to day and grooming is not a daily event. Each day bikers will comment on conditions and post pictures.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: In the olden days before geosynchronous orbits, weather forecasting was primitive at best. It is common place to dis the weather man/woman because he/she can still get it wrong but you youngsters don’t know how good we have it. One can click on the NOAA site and see a spectacular and remarkably accurate 6 day forecast. I know we will get more winter in late March but this week through the weekend look to be as good as it gets. The smart guys and gals will be hitting it hard this week. I know my mag trainer and the associated spiders in my basement will be lonely this week.

Trail Host Volunteers Needed: I expect you have enjoyed the company and service of our trail head hosts over the years. You too can be a host volunteer. It is fun and warm work. You get to play with fire, meet interesting people and perform a valuable service to the community. The ideal volunteer provides services for a 3 hour shift once a week M-F. Our trail head coordinator is JJ Farrington. Please stop and say hi. If you would like to help out, call JJ Farrington for details. 248-242-2723.



Have you wanted to try skijoring with your dog? You can now rent a complete setup including a belt, line and harness at the Forestville trailhead for $5.

For more information or to get involved with the skijor club visit us on our facebook page, Noquemanon Skijor Club or contact Brent Skaw at

715-651-1202 /