Grooming March 18, 2016

Grooming March 18, 2016
Spring Logging is underway: As most of you know, we ski on trails in a commercial forest. Without forestry we have no skiing. So, hug a forester or logger (when they are not logging or foresting). Some trails will be affected. A map is posted at the trail head and ribbon will close off affected trails. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS RIBBONS! The loggers have a job to do and continued interruptions make their job far more difficult. Thanks.  

Forestville: Ken and Carlson groomed Noque’ and Animoosh to 14k plus Chiwage bypass and Mukwa. Expect some imperfections due to wet snow last night setting up in the cold early morning temperatures. Watch the corners and descents. Expect good skiing again.


Way Too Long Version: Of course, the budget director is scrambling now that we are back to buying dead dinosaurs. So be it. That is what he gets for being an accounting guy.


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