Grooming January 3, 2016

Today’s report is brought to you by The Gottliebs & Lily.  As Trail Builders they gave an extra measure of financial support.  Without support from folks like Lily and the Gottliebs we would not enjoy the world class skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see Lily, scratch her behind the ears and if the see the Gottliebs, say thanks.
Gottlebs and Lily small

Grooming January 3, 2016
Normal People’s Grooming Report:   One inch fresh snow fell by the lake and I expect more fell on the trails as they are at a higher elevation. This snow is just right in that it is high moisture content but dry. It came at just the right time too. Plans are for Andy to groom and re-track set the (approx.) 22k of trails inside of the first bridge at 17k. We did roll pack beyond the 17k bridge yesterday and the cover is good. It is soft and there are no classic tracks yet. We plan to groom and track set in that area early in the week.

Way too long version:  I tend to be a “glass is half full” kind of guy. So, I look at getting a little snow as a good thing even though we need a lot. The trouble with getting a lot of snow is that we have to deal with soft conditions for a week. The dream of groomers (and grooming report writers) everywhere is to have a deep hard base and then an inch of snow every day. Of course, if we had just received a foot instead of an inch I am sure I could see that in a good way too. In any case, the dirt spots will be covered and the classic tracks fresh with a hard base so I trust all will be good.

I should add a note on the Trail Builder picture above. As I expect regular readers are aware, the world is almost evenly split between pretty girls and dorky guys. Cary has seen fit to supply his own picture of his trail builder sign with a pretty girl, Lily. All trail builders have that option. So, if you wish to supply your own photo we would be happy to use it. I should add, the world needs dorky guys too so pictures of same are also welcome.