Grooming January 28, 2018

January 28, 2018;  

Race Day!  Congratulations Noquemanon Ski Marathon racers.

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  All trails in the Noque’ system are closed for today’s Wild Side of the Noque.  Skiers are encouraged to try out some of the other trails in the area. See below; they are all spectacular.

Saux Head: Tim groomed and set track Wednesday. Saux Head trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing.  They are located 15 miles west of Marquette just off Co Rd 550; follow the signs.  Trails are as spectacular as the views.

Fit Strip: Groomed Tuesday night.

Big Bay Pathway: Saturday 1/27/18.    All trails are groomed. Meditation and Hidden Grin are in great shape.  Bear Mountain is groomed open for skiing.  It is rough in spots.

. Big Bay trails are groomed for classic skiing.  Trails are just off Co Rd 550 in Big Bay.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:   Wow, wasn’t that great. Yesterday was one of those days you hope for.  I am so glad all the folks that made the trip got to see the trails and City show themselves off so well. I am reminded of returning from a climbing junket in the Cascades.  We went up Mt. Baker and each day of the climb were blue bird clear with light air.  When showing the summit pictures, my wife said how lucky we were to have such great weather. Of course I have at least a dozen summit (or failed summit) pictures that look like the inside of a glass of milk.  Fortunately one can forget the cold misery of getting weathered off the mountain just as we can forget the below zero blizzard Noque’ events.  So, if this was your first Noque, ok, you were lucky.  For the rest of you, you flip a coin 20 times, it has to come up heads at least once.  Of course, both of my readers knew how great it would be.  I do hope you all skied the event. I want to give a big thanks and congratulations to all of the race organizers, sponsors, land owners and volunteers.  I know I feel guilty goofing off all day when all these nice people are putting in a hard day watching us have fun. Now I can imagine all those golfers in at Augusta National comparing our event to the first week in April when they can’t golf for an entire week!  Of course we both benefit in that our events make it all possible. The Noque’ is a big fund raiser for the trail network so we really owe everyone involved a big thank you.




PS: Sponsored By pictures will begin soon.  So, if you have not renewed your Trail Builder membership, now is the time. You don’t want to lose your K marker.   Please don’t make me track you down. “