Grooming January 25, 2018

January 25, 2018;  Grooming Report; Please read all of the report; there will be a test later in the week.

Special Note to Skiers:  Volunteers Wanted: Did you know it takes approximately 500 volunteers each year to hold the Noquemanon Ski Marathon weekend? Did you know that each year the most consistent skier feedback we receive from the skier survey is that the Noquemanon has the best on and off course volunteer service out of any race completed? Did you know that some of our 8 on course aid stations have been staffed by the same service groups for all 20 years of the Noque? As you can tell, we take skier service seriously…and we need your help! The race organization provides training and some added benefits for helping…no experience is required! All that’s needed is the desire to help and serve others well. To view our volunteer opportunities and sign up for volunteer spots go to our page on

Sign up as a 2018 UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon Volunteer ( ) on @SignUpdotcom today!


Please consider volunteering your time and sharing this information with others you know so that we can continue to offer a premier skiing event!

STAY OFF TRAILS BEGINNING TONIGHT:  The Noquemanon Ski Marathon  course looks to be very good this year.  This week’s heavy snow is frosting on the cake.  Friday night’s forecast calls for just below freezing so things will set up nicely.  However, the warm daytime temperatures forecast for Friday indicate the race grooming will take place Thursday night, not Friday night.  So skiers are asked to stay off all race trails beginning at 6:00 PM this evening (Thursday).  We will be placing signs to remind skiers to stay off until after the race.  Please help us keep the conditions “race ready”.   

There is no access to the “Mead Hills” bypass trail apart from race day. No pre-skiing is allowed as this is privately owned land. Gates to this section will be closed and locked. If you are skiing near the bypass prior to race day and the gate is open do not proceed – the only access we have to this trail prior to Saturday Jan 27th is for trail preparation. If you are found on this section of trail prior to race day you will be putting our organizations relationships with local land owners in jeopardy and you may be disqualified from the race with no refund.

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Andy is out cleaning the skate lanes on all trails inside 14k. Tuesday’s Bombi classic tracks on the Noque’ from the ponds to 510 will still be very good.  We plan to leave the section from the Tourist Park to the log yard ungroomed this week to discourage foot traffic on the race course.

Saux Head: Tim groomed and set track Wednesday.

Fit Strip: Groomed Tuesday night.

Big Bay Pathway: The Big Bay Pathway Ski trail was groomed on 1/24. Meditation and Hidden Grin are groomed and in excellent condition.  Bear Mountain is packed and groomed and in fair condition.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:   Half of my friends(?) call me a Pollyanna and the other half call me a nervous Nellie.  Of course, from inside the bubble I think I am driving it right down the sprinkler heads.  In any case, I see the race forecast as spectacular.  Sure it may create some challenges for race organizers but all that looks well in hand.  Friday’s thaw will be the first warm weather the snow crystals have seen.  Friday’s skies are forecast to be partly cloudy and January sun is short.  This snow can take a few head blows.  Then Friday night the lows will be below freezing. Friday will warm nicely and we will be done before things get very soft.  I have skied in each of these events and the weather has always been great (even when it wasn’t).  It is remarkable how different it can be.  I don’t think I will bring very many hand warmers; what a great thing!  Be sure to check the major wax company’s web sites for wax recommendations; secret sauce will be critical. See you out there.



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