Grooming January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018;  Grooming Report

Special Note to Skiers:  The Noquemanon Ski Marathon  course looks to be very good this year.  This week’s heavy snow today  is frosting on the cake.  I know I will be on the starting line in Ishpeming.  See you all there.

There is no access to the “Mead Hills” bypass trail apart from race day. No pre-skiing is allowed as this is privately owned land. Gates to this section will be closed and locked. If you are skiing near the bypass prior to race day and the gate is open do not proceed – the only access we have to this trail prior to Saturday Jan 27th is for trail preparation. If you are found on this section of trail prior to race day you will be putting our organizations relationships with local land owners in jeopardy and you may be disqualified from the race with no refund.

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Andy is out cleaning the skate lanes on all trails inside 17 except Bagwagi. Yesterday’s Bombi classic tracks on the Noque’ from the ponds to 510 will still be excellent.  We plan to leave the section from the Tourist Park to the log yard ungroomed this week to discourage foot traffic on the race course.  Bagwagi needs to be rolled and then ginzued and track set later today.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:   I am reminded that every December 23 I say the same thing to the store clerk at my favorite sporting goods store: “I am doing my Christmas shopping done early.”.  Some people wait to the last minute.  I am usually busy on the 24th and what if skiing is good?  So, today is my traditional day to register for the Noque’.  I always wait until the end just in case my aneurism ruptures.  It it gives up the ghost between now and post time; so be it. See you Saturday.

Saux Head: The trails were rolled yesterday and Tim will be grooming and track setting today.


Fit Strip:    Tom groomed yesterday.

Big Bay Pathway: Sven will roll and groom as time permits.


PS: Sponsored By pictures will begin soon.  So, if you have not renewed your Trail Builder membership, now is the time. You don’t want to lose your K marker.   Please don’t make me track you down. “