Grooming January 14, 2018

January,  14 2018;  Grooming Report

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Groomers are going out to 17k and around the pine plantation to clean up the skate lanes on the Noque and Animoosh.  Yesterday’s Bombi made classic tracks are still in very good shape.  Later in the day groomers will go down to the ponds in an attempt to secure a slush free route so we can groom to the tourist park.   Low traffic on the side trails and beyond 17 k will mean those trails will still be very good too.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:    I am writing today from the Sondo wing of the wood shed.  My failure to explain Bombi grooming includes classic tracks was an unfortunate oversight and I fear some skiers missed some fabulous skiing as a result.  I will endeavor to avoid slipping into jargon speak in future reports.  I should add, the video game industry lodged a complaint feeling I was too harsh on their participants but it fell on deaf ears.  For those that did get out, you must agree, it could not have been better.  Light air, bright sun, wide flat skate lanes, crisp classic tracks and firm outside pole plants.  Today may be even better with moderating temperatures.  Enjoy.

Saux Head: The trail system was groomed and track set  Saturday.


Fit Strip: The Fit Strip is groomed weekly.  The Fit Strip located in the Marquette Park Cemetery is open for skiing.  Parking is at the west end of the 800 block of Ridge Street.

Big Bay Pathway: Big Bay ski trail was groomed Saturday.  Track has been set on Meditation and Hidden Grin trails.  Bear Mountain remains ungroomed at this time.


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