Grooming January 11, 2018

January,  11 2018;  Grooming Report

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Warm overnight temperatures keep groomers parked this morning.  Groomers will be back at tomorrow as cold weather is forecast.  Yesterday groomers were able to cross the ponds and set track down to the Tourist Park.  I should add, the last 2k of track are fair at best and the annoying foot traffic is ever present on that section.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:    To paraphrase John Hay, this was a splendid little thaw.  It was just long enough to let us get that hump out of the mouth of the driveway and recover from our over distance ski on Tuesday.  And now we will almost surely get adequate snow to return the ski surface to its wonderful midseason condition.  In addition, the pole plants will be rock solid for those of you with tiny race baskets.

I expect the real weather nerds will have already looked at the NOAA site’s time and temperature graph and have decided when to ski today.  For those interested in joining their ranks, click on the map in and scroll down to the graphs.  You can determine your own “Goldie Locks” zone where it is not too soft and not too hard depending on how long you plan to ski.  We typically talk of the Goldie Locks zone in the spring but these January thaws have a mirror image.  I would put peak skiing between 12:30 and 2:30 but it will be blustery and overcast.  If you had listened to me on Tuesday you would have had a glorious ski and could be in recovery mode for another day with the arrogance of the righteous.

Saux Head: Tim groomed and track set everything Saturday.


Fit Strip: The Fit Strip was groomed Monday.  The Fit Strip located in the Marquette Park Cemetery is open for skiing.  Parking is at the west end of the 800 block of Ridge Street.

Big Bay Pathway: Groomers have been setting tracks on the Big Bay pathway. Big Bay is Classic only skiing through the spectacular forested hills just south of Big Bay.  Turn left at the sign right in town. The Big Bay Pathway is now partially open.  The Hidden Grin and Meditation loops are groomed.  The Bear Mountain Loop will be groomed by the end of this week.  We now have enough snow to work with and we are shoveling snow to fill in holes, tending to wet areas and packing our base.


PS: Sponsored By pictures will begin this week.  So, if you have not renewed your Trail Builder membership, now is the time. You don’t want to lose your K marker.   Please don’t make me track you down. “