Grooming January 10, 2018

January,  10 2018;  Grooming Report

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  The snow remained cold this morning so groomers are out. The plan is to  clean up the primary skate lanes within 17K- Noque, Animoosh, Mukwa, Chiwaji, Migizi, and inner loops around Trailhead. Again they will take a Ginzu down to the ponds and check conditions. If the ice is good they will go to Tourist Park and attempt to set track back to Trailhead.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:    Based on the paucity of tracks at Co Rd 510 I fear one of two things a foot.  First, and most likely, there are only three readers of the grooming report (counting me and my mom) or, second, people have read the report and word is out that Nordic skiing is a grueling and painful experience: it is neither.

If you did read the report and failed to take my advice to ski yesterday you made a terrible mistake; it was glorious.  Of course I am writing under the influence of exercise induced endorphins so you may want to adjust your filter. I turned around at Co Rd 510 at 2:00 PM and made only the second set of skate tracks.  The light air and 20f temperatures made the bright sun feel like a summer day.  The classic tracks looked so perfect I had to step in to see if they were real.  I did wonder if they were like the stage prop books you see on the shelves of trendy bars. But no, the tracks we not only fast but hard and true with a firm outside pole plant. It made me wish I had selected my classic skis.

In any case, I fear my reporting has exerted a deleterious effect on the community and will eschew even off handed comments about misery or pain.  That whole “no pain no gain” thing is silly and just something people say in the bar later to impress people. Use of the word pain in reference to physical exertion is not unlike the use of color when describing music or temperature when describing color.  It kind of works but if you don’t understand the language it is like color to the blind.  Granted, the enjoyment of long sessions of exercise is an acquired taste.  It is kind of like fruit cake or single malt Scotch; they are not comfort food but clearly enjoyed once you develop an acquired taste.  As many times as I have hit my thumb with a hammer, I have not acquired a taste for that kind of pain.

Marquette County can be like the Trøndelag region in Norway.  With a population not much bigger than ours, they consistently produce gold metal Olympic skiers.  We have world class Nordic skiing conditions here and are blessed with a long season. Our average drive time to ski is 15 minutes!  So, just as we have retired the misery factor for bitter cold skiing, we will cease to talk about being miserable during long ski outings.  Instead we may comment on the misery of aerosol cheese on the couch or of the enjoyment of exercise induced endorphins.  See you out there.


Saux Head: Tim groomed and track set everything Saturday.


Fit Strip: The Fit Strip was groomed Monday.  The Fit Strip located in the Marquette Park Cemetery is open for skiing.  Parking is at the west end of the 800 block of Ridge Street.

Big Bay Pathway: Groomers have been setting tracks on the Big Bay pathway. Big Bay is Classic only skiing through the spectacular forested hills just south of Big Bay.  Turn left at the sign right in town. The Big Bay Pathway is now partially open.  The Hidden Grin and Meditation loops are groomed.  The Bear Mountain Loop will be groomed by the end of this week.  We now have enough snow to work with and we are shoveling snow to fill in holes, tending to wet areas and packing our base.


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