Grooming January 1, 2016

Today’s report is brought to you by Sean Rooney .  As Trail Builders he gave an extra measure of financial support.  Without support from folks like Sean we would not enjoy the world class skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see Sean, say, “Thanks!”.

Grooming January 1, 2016 Normal People’s Grooming Report:   Groomed Animoosh and Noque to 17k early in the pre-dawn hours.  Bagwagi, Chiwagi, Mukwa, Migeeze, Gookookoo and the inner loops will be done by 10:30 this morning.  Skiing is very good but watch for a few thin spots.  You will find some dirt under the powerlines and there are a few spots where the classic tracks show dirt and leaves.

Way too long version:  When one draws the short straw for early morning grooming on New Year’s Day you have two choices.  I took the safe way out and went to bed early.  I expect a younger version would have chosen the “just stay up all night” method of time management.  So, grooming before first milking is the same time regardless the date.  No one tells the cows when to get up but they start moo-ing by 6:00 so we start grooming at 5:00

Anyway, we left the classic tracks in place and they were still very good.  With the snow now a few days old it is more firm but the corduroy is less cosmetically pure.  The new section of Animoosh is now tracked and has another day’s worth of Ginzu grooming so it is getting better.  However, it is still a little bumpy.

I am quite sure skiing will be very good and plan to go after chores in the barn.  Sondo