Grooming February 6, 2016

Grooming February 6, 2016

Normal People’s Grooming Report:   

Forestville:  All trails west of Forestville are groomed and track set. Last night we groomed the Wagis and Noque all the way to Co Rd 510. This morning we finished with Animoosh and inner loops. The slush on the ponds was packed yesterday but needs to freeze before we can get the groomers down to the tourist park. The packing should allow it to freeze in a few days but this weekend looks doubtful.

Saux Head: All trails were roll packed several times yesterday and will be groomed this morning. If you see Tim out there give him a big thanks. He put his sore knee in a box and butt on a sled for your skiing pleasure.

Big Bay Pathway: Big Bay Pathway trails are for classic skiing only. The Big Bay Pathway was groomed on 2/4. ALL trails are open including our crown jewel, The Ridgeline. Please be careful on the down hill portion of The Ridgeline, it is long and fast. Given the remoteness of the trail, always ski with a partner. Cell phone service is not available in all parts of the trail.

Fit Strip: The Fit Strip (located at the Park Cemetery) in the city of Marquette is groomed regularly. New heavy snow will make this loop excellent for lunch hour outings.

Single Track Snow Bike Trails: The South Trails are groomed for snowbike riding. Snowbike grooming at the South Trails is at the cutting edge of the sport. NTN is continually evolving grooming technology. If you have never seen these trails in the winter you need to get out there. You have to ride a snowbike on a groomed trail to appreciate what is being invented right in our back yard. You need to get out there. For up to the minute grooming information see Single track facebook post .

The Way Too Long Version:  The ideal grooming window is after bar close. We never like to groom during the day when skiers are present. The second best grooming schedule is before first milking because the snow crystals need several hours to set up for ideal skiing. Of course, I should add, none of us actually milk cows. I should add, any reference to closing bars harkens back to a miss-spent youth when some of us worked our way through high school shooting pool in Joe’s Bar. So, last night’s post “bar close” grooming was actually completed before midnight. The important thing is to groom after the last skiers are done so it sets up prior to any tracks.

Grooming last night was as much fun as you can have when your butt is cold on a sled. The snow was workable and the wind was calm. School children everywhere get into grooming so they can charm the starry eyed girls with their exploits. However, the secret benefit is knowing what to expect the next day. So, groomer’s choice is the Wagis today. See you out there.