Grooming February 26, 2018

February 26, 2018;  

Thank you Trail Builders: Today’s report is brought to you by Mommaerts Mahaney Financial Services. The Mommaerts Mahaney sponsor the 11k mark on the Noque’.  Without the contribution from folks like Mommaerts Mahaney we would not be able to enjoy the great skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see them, please say thanks.

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Kirby is out with the Gator and the wide 108 Ginzu grooming and track setting the Noque’ and Animoosh to the pine plantation , Chiwagi by pass and Gookookoo.


Special note to skiers:  Skiers are reminded we have a 1k lighted loop near the trail head.  The lodge is open and the lights are on until 10PM.

Saux Head: Three inches of new snow fell Sunday morning. He will get out as time permits but you may have fresh snow to deal with.  Saux Head trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. The trails are spectacular with great hills as well as rolling terrain.  The views are beautiful and overlook Superior and Saux Head.  Today and the weekend look to be great days for Saux Head.  If you have not skied them you don’t know what you are missing.  Please go today, tomorrow or Sunday. The trail head is located 15 miles west of Marquette just off Co Rd 550; follow the signs.

Fit Strip: The Fit Strip is groomed as time permits.

Big Bay Pathway: All trails were groomed yesterday and Meditation, Hidden Grin, Bear Mountain and Ridge Line are in excellent shape.  Short loop for BOW is also groomed.  Big Bay trails are groomed for classic skiing.  Trails are just off Co Rd 550 in Big Bay.


Way Too Long Grooming Report:    First of all, I must apologize to any new readers; I fear what is called “grade inflation” has reared its unattractive head.  The literary critics on Spruce Street set an exacting standard but no less a skier than Bruce may be too soft when it comes to grooming report elucidation.

Regardless that, a third reader would be welcome indeed.  In any case, today looks to be a great day to ski.  Warm temperatures, full sun and light air will make for a pleasant day in the woods. I know what you are all thinking; so much TV, so little time.  Of course, that is why God invented DVRs. The Olympics have been riveting.  My Sunday schedule tends to crowd out skiing, so, on the mag trainer in the basement yesterday I did get to watch the excitement of the men’s 50k classic as if it were live. I couldn’t help but identify with Poltoranin when he bonked. Then, watching Niskanen pull away from Bolshunov for the gold I had to ponder my misspent youth (and  I guess misspent adulthood).