Grooming February 25, 2016

Grooming February 25, 2016
Forestville:  Groomers worked on some problem areas on Animoosh as well as grooming the skate lanes of the Noque to 16k. Please see the WTL version below for comments on feedback and up to the minute conditions.


Saux Head: All trails were groomed and track set the 21st. The classic tracks were re-set but are thin in many areas due the hard snow. There is a fair amount of debris on the Hemlock Trail, on the Race Loop and, also, down the Plunge. The trail is in fine shape for a fast ski.



Big Bay Pathway: Big Bay Pathway trails are for classic skiing only. Groomers get out several times per week.  Given the remoteness of the trail, always ski with a partner. Cell phone service is not available in all parts of the trail.


Fit Strip: The Fit Strip (located at the Park Cemetery) in the city of Marquette is groomed regularly. New heavy snow will make this loop excellent for lunch hour outings.


Single Track Snow Bike Trails: The South Trails are groomed for snowbike riding. Snowbike grooming at the South Trails is at the cutting edge of the sport. NTN is continually evolving grooming technology. If you have never seen these trails in the winter you need to get out there. You have to ride a snowbike on a groomed trail to appreciate what is being invented right in our back yard. You need to get out there. For up to the minute grooming information see Single track facebook post .


The Way Too Long Version:  Reports from skiers has confirmed very good skiing. In fact, I should have added to the standard grooming report writer’s spectrum of “Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor and To-Win-a-Bet”. According to Dave Buhl, skiing Tuesday was Spectacular.

Face Book users can not only read the grooming report but also offer comments to other skiers. Please consider providing these updates to your fellow skiers. After all, this is not like fishing, mushroom hunting or alpine skiing. I totally understand why fishermen(fisherwomen), say the fishing hole is “somewhere in Alger county when it is really in Powell Township. So too do I understand why you will never hear someone say “here is where I found all these morales. Also, our fellow skiers on alpine equipment protect their powder pockets as if a jealous lover. But, our Nordic trails are empty 99% of the time.

So, if it is spectacular (or, if it is only Too-Win-a-Bet skiing), please consider adding a comment to our face book page. We are attempting to get a face book link on our web page but when is the last time you said, “boy, that was easy”. Anyway, Face Book link below: