Grooming February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018;  

Thank you Trail Builders: Today’s report is brought to you by the (affectionately named) Old Codgers. Don Hurst, Keith Kepler and Jim Kidder sponsor the 10k mark on the Noque’.  Without the contribution from folks Don, Keith and Jim we would not be able to enjoy the great skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see them, please say thanks.

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  A little more than inch of new snow at the trail head is being groomed this morning. Bob and Andy are grooming and setting track on the Noque’ to 17, Animoosh, Chiwaji bypass, Muckwa, Migizi, Gookookoo, Boozhoo, Papasay and Zhing.


With the weekend coming there are skiers looking for some advance information on our plans.  I am pleased to report Doug plans to run the Bombi to Co Rd 510! The default plan will be the Bombi out via Gookookoo and Bagwagi and returning via Chiwagi hills.  The Ginzu will do the rest.  It looks fabulous.  Weather is always a factor so look for the morning update but I am planning on skiing.



Special note to skiers:  Skiers are reminded we have a 1k lighted loop near the trail head.  The lodge is open and the lights are on until 10PM.

Saux Head: Tim groomed and track set Thursday.  Saux Head trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. The trails are spectacular with great hills as well as rolling terrain.  The views are beautiful and overlook Superior and Saux Head.  Today and the weekend look to be great days for Saux Head.  If you have not skied them you don’t know what you are missing.  Please go today, tomorrow or Sunday. The trail head is located 15 miles west of Marquette just off Co Rd 550; follow the signs.

Fit Strip: The Fit Strip is groomed as time permits.

Big Bay Pathway: Trails were groomed on Wednesday.

Big Bay trails are groomed for classic skiing.  Trails are just off Co Rd 550 in Big Bay.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:    I am not typically one to anthropomorphize inanimate objects but my skis looked so forlorn.  Now, I must apologize in advance if you have an excess of pheomelanin or remarried parents but, my skis felt like the red headed step child next to my mag trainer this week.  So, I dusted off the cinders and took them out yesterday and it was spectacular.  Temperatures in the upper 20s, light air and a thin overcast; it was great just to be outside.  Then the conditions were spectacular.  I went out via Bagwagi and returned via Chiwagi hills.  It was hero snow. My skis were so happy.  I may take Cinderella out again today.