Grooming February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018;  

Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Another dusting of snow fell over night to keep classic tracks from having a glazed, old snow surface.  Groomers are out cleaning the skate lanes on all trails inside 17k.  Classic tracks are still in good shape. After the westward trails are completed the groomers will head down to the log yard (end of the Noque’ race trail).  They will groom and if needs be, re-set tracks.  The ruts from the race will be repaired especially on the steep hill before and after the ponds.  I should also comment, grooming between the log yard and tourist park is counter productive in that it encourages foot traffic on the ski trail.  Hopefully this will keep more of the trail good for skiing because the section between the log yard and TP is ruined within minutes of grooming by the foot traffic and then they continue up the trail towards the ponds.  Tomorrow they will groom all the way to Co Rd 510.

Special note to skiers:  Nighttime skiing is brighter at the Forestville Trail Head now that the stadium and campground loop have lighting. Thanks to the Exchange Club, Rotary West and Kiwanis, we installed several new light fixtures. The lighted area is perfect for practicing your technique or to bring those new to skiing. The loop is groomed for classical and skate skiing. The lodge is open until ten pm when it locks automatically.

Saux Head: Tim is grooming all trails today and will set classic tracks. Saux Head trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. The trails are spectacular with great hills as well as rolling terrain.  The views are beautiful and overlook Superior and Saux Head.  Today and the weekend look to be great days for Saux Head.  If you have not skied them you don’t know what you are missing.  Please go today, tomorrow or Sunday. The trail head is located 15 miles west of Marquette just off Co Rd 550; follow the signs.

Fit Strip: Groomed Sunday

Big Bay Pathway: Saturday 1/27/18.    All trails are groomed. Meditation and Hidden Grin are in great shape.  Bear Mountain is groomed open for skiing.  It is rough in spots.

Big Bay trails are groomed for classic skiing.  Trails are just off Co Rd 550 in Big Bay.

Way Too Long Grooming Report:   Today is the traditional day for Toivo to check on his dog.  As in every other year for as long as anyone can remember, he was frozen to the tree and we can expect six more weeks of hard wax skiing.  I understand other cultures have less scientific methods involving a rodent biting a guy with at top hat.  I think if blood is drawn they may see some blue or even violate wax skiing in less than a month but I may have some of this mixed up.



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