Grooming December 15, 2014

Greetings NTN Members and others; December 15, 2014
Grooming comments below:

But first, please give a big Thank You to all the community businesses and citizens for your support in the 10th Annual Snowball

Snap Fitness Heritage Hills Missy Whalen
Casualties Cycle Soleil Quick Stop Bike Shop
Fox Marquette Studio 519 Lakeshore Bike
Sports Rack Rivers North Sweetwater
Auto Armor Auto Spa Robin Smith Che Bello
Sam Crowley Snap Fitness Versatile Horsemanship
Marquette Power Sports Brain Potter Spice Merchants
NMU Athletic Department Kathy Solka Active PT
Getz’s Donckers Aaron Peterson
Marquette Food Co-op Beth Milner Jewelry Unions Suits
Deanna Koscielny Sarah & Richard Anderson Every Day Wines
Gwyneth Harrick Cooper Dendel Ore Dock Brewing Company
Compudyne Ron Thorley & Frida Waara Sweet Basil
Sweet Basil Patrick St Germain History Museum
Power Sports Casualties Rachel Grossman
Norm Hefke Knit Witch Snowball Committee
Marquette Yoga Great Turtle Toys Marquette Photo
Johnson’s Superior Shoes Superior Fitness
Georgie Hurst Joey Graci
Classic Auto or Auto Armor Border Grill
Compound Ski Shop Danny Hill
Carol Papaleo DDA
Cary Gottleib Carrie Pearson
Downwind Sports Bob Mahaney


Short Version: No grooming last night due to thaw conditions.

The Way Too Long Version: A debate has raged ever since the National Hurricane Center standardized tropical storm names. How do we best identify wide spread disruptive weather events. Naming events is need not be the exclusive purview of unpleasant natural events. After all, snow storm events have a standardized naming convention and no one can say they are unpleasant disruptive events. So, until the proper controlling authority takes charge, some thaw events will be confused due to a lack of consensus. Fortunately this year’s mid-December thaw event will not suffer that fate. It has been almost two thousand years since this date was first reviled as Nero’s birthday. Let us hope the memory of Nero’s thaw will be short lived. With snow in the forecast for Tuesday we will soon forget what our driveway pavement and klister spatula even look like.

If interested in understanding grooming equipment, techniques, priorities and trail names, please see the “Decoder Ring” links below.


Road Conditions: The Forestville road is plowed and sanded after all residential areas so expect winter driving every day. The NTN plows after the paved road beyond the rail road crossing. We have pledged to have our plowing/sanding crews out whenever needed. If you find it unplowed or icy please call or email the office. We will get the trucks out asap. In general I expect most passenger cars will be fine but Bald tires, rear wheel drive and low clearance vehicles may still have some difficulty. We will post comments on the road going forward.

Snow Bike Route, South Trails: All 12 miles groomed as needed.  See the snow bike link .
Saux Head: Trails were groomed the weekend of the 6th. We have some equipment problems that we plan to have solved in time for Tuesday’s snow event.

Valley Spur; See web site for details

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.

Fit Strip: The fit strip is groomed and track set. The lights are on for the season. Enjoy. The Fit Strip is groomed weekly as needed. Skiers are reminded that the Fit Strip trails see a great deal of foot traffic despite encouragement to the contrary. As such, skiers will tend to find less than ideal condition on most days. The Fit Strip trails can be found on West Ridge street and is in the woods next to the Park Cemetery.  The 2.5k series of loops are lit from 5 P.M. to 11 P.M.     

Big Bay Pathway: The Big Bay Pathway is not yet groomed.     

NTN Trail head staffing and after hours rental: If you need rental equipment during the times when there is no staffing, or there is no trail host when you arrive at the facility, please call the NTN office at 906-235-6861. Downwind Sports in Marquette also  provides rental equipment. See the NTN website for more details including directions to all of the trails systems above.

Trail host and grooming volunteers needed.  This is a great way to get involved, help out and stay warm.  You can sign up for an hour or two before or after skiing.  You can get to know lots of skiers and help the NTN remain financially viable. Groomers also are always needed.  If interested, please call or email Nikki at 906 235 6861 or email us at

Grooming Equipment Decoder Ring:  located at this link:

Trail Decoder Ring:  located at this link:

Grooming Priority: Given unlimited money and man power we would groom all trails every night.  We have more than doubled our grooming budget this year and skiers should notice it. Our current plan calls for more regular Bombi grooming and daily grooming of more kilometers on a regular basis. Given limited resources we  typically need to make grooming decisions.  We will always plan on keeping the Noque to 17k and Animoosh groomed every day.  Then, time permitting we will work on the Wagis. Given our addition grooming budget skiers will find the Wagis groomed with more regularity.   Following the Wagi loop we will run to Co Rd 510. Once the pond ice is sound we can begin grooming into Marquette to the tourist park trail head. Grooming all of the above listed trails takes close to 11 hours.  So, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities if you would like to join the exciting world of trail grooming.