Grooming December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016; grooming report

Real Grooming Report: All trails inside of 14k have been rolled. Then, late yesterday and overnight the lake effect snow provided 4” new. Today’s plans are to roll pack up to 17k and around the pine plantation. Andy began rolling the new blanket about 5:30 this morning so give him a thumbs up if you are out there today.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: I envision Charles Schultz somewhere drawing Snoopy doing his happy dance in the snow. Lake effect snow is such a great surprise. The next few days also look to have potential. We can’t call it mid-season conditions yet but it may be elevated to “very good” as soon as today. I am anxious to hear some first hand accounts on conditions today. Please reply and send pics if you can. We are anxious to set classic tracks but you will have to ski in your own for another day while we roll this new snow.

Trail Host Volunteers Needed: I expect you have enjoyed the company and service of our trail head hosts over the years. You too can be a host volunteer. It is fun and warm work. You get to play with fire, meet interesting people and perform a valuable service to the community. The ideal volunteer provides services for a 3 hour shift once a week M-F. Our trail head coordinator is JJ Farrington. Please stop and say hi. If you would like to help out, call JJ Farrington for details. 248-242-2723.