Grooming Dec 18 2016

December 18, 2016; grooming report
Real Grooming Report Forestville
: Four more inches on top of yesterday’s six inches should provide plenty of snow to move us into mid-season conditions. Bob and Andy are rolling as we speak and will hit all of the trails up to the 17k mark. Expect soft snow and no classic tracks until everything is rolled.

Real Grooming Report Saux Head: Saux Head trails will be rolled again today. If time permits they will also set track.

Way Too Long Grooming Report: I celebrated the St. Eigil of Fulda day storm by climbing Mt. Bohemia and skiing the powder. It was supernatural. If you have been in waist deep powder you know what it is about and if you have not I cannot describe it. Then I drove home in a white out with a cold. It reminded me of the sign in the lift shack window at the bottom of the Constam Tee Bar at Cliff’s Ridge. It was a “Kilroy” drawing with a runny nose. The caption said, have a heart, I have a cold. People under the age of about 40 always see a “lift”y to help them on the lift. In those halcyon days of yore you would do what the sign said and even if you were 5 years old you would just grab the bar on the way by and hang on as it picked you up like a rag doll. So, if my prose fall flat, please have a heart, I have cold.

Trail Host Volunteers Needed: I expect you have enjoyed the company and service of our trail head hosts over the years. You too can be a host volunteer. It is fun and warm work. You get to play with fire, meet interesting people and perform a valuable service to the community. The ideal volunteer provides services for a 3 hour shift once a week M-F. Our trail head coordinator is JJ Farrington. Please stop and say hi. If you would like to help out, call JJ Farrington for details. 248-242-2723.