Grooming April 27, 2018

April 27, 2018;  

Late season schedule in effect.  The trail head building is now closed for the season.  Grooming will now be on an as needed basis (and that may be in November or even later).   Please stay off the trails late in the day if they are too soft to support your skis.

Please send in pictures:  Today’s pictures show the DOs and DON’Ts of spring skiing.  In the first picture you can see the deep ruts left by skiing when the trails are very soft late in the day.  The second picture shows a section of trail after I skied on it in the cold morning yesterday.  In short, skiing on cold crust; good: leaving deep slush tracks; bad.

Grooming Report:  This is actually a grooming report.  Bob got on his sled after hearing about the ruts.  Yesterday he groomed out to the pine plantation. Noque trial to 14K and back on Animoosh to power line  but not the section from 13.8 to 14K. He then did a second lap to get things leveled on Noque to 13.8K and back on Animoosh. Trail was in good to fair shape.


He is planning on going out Saturday morning around 6:30am and will groom Noque trail to 13.8 and back on Animoosh. Coming out from the Trialhead, Noque will be the only trail groomed to the Powerline.


Temps are suppose to drop to 20 degrees on Friday night into Saturday morning, so it should be a good groom for Saturday skiing.


There is no freeze projected after Satuday so this will be the last groom of the season.


Way Too Long Grooming Report:  After breaking my favorite skies earlier in the week I will be on one of my old skis today for a run to co rd 510.  The section to the pine plantation will be ok but the section from the pine plantation to co rd 510 will be spectacular.  I have long thought of a day like this and want to be sure you all have the chance to enjoy this unusual condition.  Once in a while during a crust ski you can spot an old woods road with no tracks.  As long as there are no old tracks you can glide effortlessly.  It is as if your skis are the wheels on a maglev train.  I should add, the down hill at 22k will likely be hair raising.  You will have this unique skiing condition through Saturday at least.  Beyond that, 24 hour thaws are forecast and crust skiing may be over.  See you out there.


SPECIAL NOTE TO SKIERS; Gookookoo, Papasay and the connector from Hemlock Junction to the point where Migizi and Bagwaji meet will be closed for the season effective today:  The majority of our trail system is on commercial forest land.  The land owners allow NTN to use them for ski trails but every 10 to 15 years they harvest some trees.  This year they are logging west of the trail head beginning at the power lines.  As the logging operation moves west, other trails will be effected.  The loggers are working with NTN to keep trails open as long as possible.


Now for some nitty gritty details for skiers like me that dearly love to ski Bagwagi and Chiwagi.  They are still open via Migizi!  So, you get an extra two hills in your ski! Go out the Noque 1k past the power lines. Take the first right onto Migizi after the hill at 11k. At the bottom of the hill turn left onto Bagwagi and enjoy for now.


Please give the loggers a wide berth.  They are doing difficult and dangerous work. If you come upon any logging equipment in the woods, please stay away.  It is both expensive and dangerous.  One of the reasons our land owners allow ski trails is the help we can provide by making their job easier.  Please help us in that mission.   Your help is greatly appreciated.


We should all know, without commercial forest operations we would have no ski trails.  So, if you see a logger or forester, say “thanks”.