Grooming April 15, 2014

Grooming Report April 15, 2014

Every April 14, school children across the western world celebrate the anniversary of the  Battle of Forum Gallorum  by playing in the blizzard.  This year was no different.  So, just as we are reminded by Brutus’ final act, all things must come to an end.

Doug rolled trails to 14k yesterday and set track before first milking this morning. This looks to be our swan song.  Now, even on the stairway to the gallows frame, the condemned man believes a pardon is possible, so to do I hold out hope for manna from heaven.  Of course, I am reminded, one’s odds of winning the lottery go up slightly if you buy a ticket so I know the statistics.  Funds are incredibly short and every time I dig under the sofa cushion I find more pocket lint and less money.

So, we are hoping to keep enough dry powder to survive to next year.  In favorable economic condition, one would hope to groom through the Mother’s Day storm.  Wealthy benefactors are always welcome.  Hope springs eternal.

DON’T MISS THE NTN/BLACKROCKS DIRT BALL APRIL 26! A Celebration of Trails, Marquette Style.

  • 9:00 A.M. Trail Work Bee
    • Festivities begin and end at       South Trails Parking Lot on Co Rd 553/Division Area.
  • 12:00 Noon Casual Mountain Bike      Ride
    • Following fun with pick and       shovel, participants will partake in a Casual Mountain Bike Ride.        Ride will begin and end at the South Trails Parking lot on Co Rd 553.       There is a weather dependent aspect to the ride.  If there is too       much fresh snow, revelers may wish to ski.
  • 4:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.      NTN/Blackrocks “DIRTBALL”
    • Following the dirty part of       the Dirt Ball, roisterers will repair to Blackrocks Cannery at 950 W. Washington Street       for a gala event including merrymaking, live music, food from Boarder Grill       Raffle prizes and conviviality for all.
    • Tickets are $25 and may be       purchased at all local bike shops or at the NTN office
    • All proceeds go towards trail       development!

I trust we will see you all there.