2019 March 9, Grooming Report;

2019 March 9, Grooming Report;  

Today’s report is brought to you by Northern Michigan University.  NMU has been a long time supporter of the Noquemanon Trails Network on too many levels to list.  As a land owner of trails sections as well as the other aspects of support NMU deserves a big thank you from all of us.

I don’t typically gas on in the “thank you” section but must do so today.  Marquette would not be the same place without NMU.  In addition to the wonderful education afforded, we can enjoy the cultural aspects and sporting events.  We have the opportunity to see truly world class athletes compete at the highest level.  Sten Fjeldheim and his assistants annually coach the best Nordic skiers in the country and we can watch them train and compete right in our back yard.

So too can we watch Grant Potulny and his coaches lead the NMU Wildcats in thrilling games of sport.  One such spectacle took place last night with another scheduled tonight.  I have played a good deal of hockey and seen hundreds (thousands? I didn’t know there were going to be any math questions) of games.  Looking back, I do not believe I have been to a more exciting game in my life.  On the big stage of Division I play off hockey, the NMU Wildcats scored late in the third to pull within one goal.  Then, with the pulled goal tender, scored the equalizer at 19:48 of the third!  Then, as if the drama was not high enough, there was a referee review for goal tender interference as well as a coache’s challenge for too many men on the ice.  Once both reviews were complete, the goal was ruled a good goal and the crowd erupted for a second and then a third time.

The over time was a seesaw affair with both teams getting their share of opportunities.  Watching  Atte Tolvanen keep NMU in the game with one spectacular toe save after another makes one be sure to get in a vote for Hobey Baker (please do search for the web site and vote before midnight Sunday). NMU plays a speed and puck control game with an aggressive  fore check; the two most exciting aspects of the game.  Each goal, including the game winner, followed crisp passing plays with bulging twine at the end (well, ok, there was one rebound but the play was still spectacular).

I don’t know what you have planned for tonight but it had better change if you were not planning on going to the game.  NMU is on spring break so it would be nice to see the place full and we can do our part.  Please give anyone at NMU a big thank you for supporting the NTN and for bringing so much to our community.



In any case, if you have not done so, please renew your membership.  There are K markers available. Your name and favorite picture can be here too.


New pictures from anyone will be appreciated.  I really mean this.  I agonize missing some Trail Builders.


Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Bombi Groomed and tracked from the ponds to Co Rd 510!

All other trails in the system including Bagwagi and Chiwagi hills are groomed too.  Ginzu was used east of the ponds and on Bagwage and Chiwagi hills but the rest is Bombi groomed.  It would take quite an effort to hit every section of just the Bobmi grooming today.  Tomorrow looks to be a new snow event so the groomers will be busy again.  The smart guys and gals will be waking up to a messy sock drawer.


TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to 14k
Lower Animoosh
Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Upper Animoosh Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Boozoo Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Zhing Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Papasay Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Gookookoo Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Bagwagi Ginzu groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Chiwagi by pass Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Chiwagi Hills Ginzu groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Migizi Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Waaban Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Mukwa Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
Connectors Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19
TRAIL 2nd Priority  
Noque from 17  to 510  Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19

TRAIL – Third Priority Trail head to ponds

Bombi groomed and tracked 3/9/19 to ponds, Ginzu to TP.


As always, your feedback is appreciated via reply to this email or to FB.    Send in pictures and you too can get your K marker moved to the front of the line.  See the Nordic skiing FB page https://www.facebook.com/NTNNordic/


Saux Head: Tim completed the grooming and track set yesterday. Great skiing condition.

CAUTION:  The Plunge is not being groomed for the rest of the season; due to the recent snowfall there is now a dangerous low clearance under a large Hemlock that hangs over the upper end of that trail section. Think about that for a minute.  What a snow year.


Parking is only available at the main Trailhead at the east end of the lake.




Fit Strip: Trail groomed night of 3/4/19


Big Bay Pathway:  The trails are open and groomed.  Meditation, Bear Mountain and Hidden Grin are all in excellent condition!


South Snow Bike Trails: East side of 553 is groomed and open (Jeep, Shirley’s, Chapel and Granite Point).  Trails are firming up. Cyclists  are encouraged to study their tracks and adjust tire pressure accordingly.


Foot traffic in this deep soft snow ruins it for the people paying to have groomed snow bike trails.  If you know any trail walkers encourage them to use snow shoes.




North Trails:

Rambling Man, Silver Lead, Upper Blue Heron and The Pines were groomed and repaired on Friday, and three dead trees on The Cedars were removed. All groomed North Trails are expected to be in good riding conditions for Saturday except: portions of Upper Blue Heron and Silver Lead will likely be soft especially in warmer temperatures (take roads if unridable), and Wild Cat is not groomed and not ridable

Foot traffic please use snowshoes on Silver Lead, Collinsville and Blue Heron.


Of course you can also post your own information on the FB page and you are encouraged to do so. Here is the link: