2019 June 8, Un-Grooming Report and Important Forestville Festival info too;

2019 June 8, Un-Grooming Report and Important Forestville Festival info too;

I know you would expect to see this section of the report filled with the fluff that would never be on the test.  Isn’t that the nature of the universe?  Once; just once I would like to see the milk and eggs in the front of the grocery store but no. You always have to walk past the liver and onions section coming and going.   Well, today I am going to lead with the important stuff.  Now, that does NOT mean you can skip sections.  There may well be questions on the test from the last paragraph.

As explained in a previous episode, in the olden days  Marquette’s social event calendar was rather weak tea.  Now we have real must attend events.  Not all Marquette events are related to the NTN but it is close.  I will go into each in detail in the days and weeks ahead but first I must stress some general facts.

NTN’s Mission is to secure, develop, maintain and promote the use of a non-motorized trail network throughout the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These events are key to funding our activities.  They are put on by the gifted and dedicated volunteers and staff of NTN.  We get to goof off because all of these stalwart geniuses make it look easy; it is not.  Your job is to study the list below and consider participating or volunteering.  Or, as I always say to Bill and Melinda, you can just underwrite the event(s) if you’ll be out of town.

In today’s lesson we will focus on the Forestville Festival but the full list is below.  The Forestville Festival captures all the best of music festivals.  It is a magical place in the summer.  The ski stadium is a grassy field during the 4 months of bad skiing and is ideal for the music stage.  Food vendors and craft beers insure all will be satiated.

Now, I know what you are thinking; “I’ll just buy my ticket the day before.”.  Of course, this is problematic on many levels.  Key among them, the stress it places on the organizers.  It is just like when you send out dinner invitations for 200  with an RSVP.  All they have to do is drop the pre-addressed and stamped envelope in the mail by the requested date.  Of course, there are always those that put off sending it in.  Then, you struggle to overnight in the right amount of Bluefin. We’ve all been there.

You know you want to support our mission.  You know you want to goof off and enjoy the festivities in Forestville Festival.  You know NTN staff is sitting by the phone like the un-popular kid on a Saturday night. So, Please buy your ticket now.  See the link:


Lest you think you can hide, Mark Zuckerberg knows where you are right now and where you will be on game day.  You will be caught.  So, lets make this easy on all of us and click on the link.

See you there,



Important Event Schedule Information:

  • The Trails fest (June 21-23)
  • Forestville Festival (July 12-13)
  • The O2S (August 10),
  • Trail 50 (August 16-17)
  • Marquette Marathon (August 31)


If you don’t understand each event you have some required reading. These are world class events right in our back yard. I will likely resist the urge to shut up about these events as they draw nigh.  Anyway, go to www.noquetrails.org and follow the events link to find out what you have been missing.  See you out there.