2019 January 8, Grooming Report;

2019 January 8, Grooming Report;  

Thank you Trail Builders:

Thank you Trail Builders: Today’s report is brought to you by  Marquette Maple Company.   Without folks like Marquette Maple we would not be able to enjoy the great skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see them, say thanks.

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Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Lori Nick and Andy triple rolled Noque to 17, Animoosh, Chiwaji bypass, Mukwa, Migizi, Gookookoo, Wabaan, Boozhoo, Papasay, Zhing, and all cut overs.  It was still warm and tough to set an acceptable track in the small hours of the morning.  The plan is to try again to set in the morning when it gets cooler.



TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to 14k
Lower Animoosh
Groomed 1/8/19 Hope to track morning of 1/8/19
Groomed 1/8/19 Hope to track morning of 1/8/19
Upper Animoosh Groomed 1/8/19 Hope to track morning of 1/8/19
Boozoo Groomed 1/8/19
Zhing Groomed 1/8/19
Papasay Groomed 1/8/19
Gookookoo Groomed 1/8/19
Bagwagi Groomed 1/8/19
Chiwagi by pass Groomed 1/8/19
Chiwagi Hills 8” new snow
Migizi Groomed 1/8/19
Waaban Groomed 1/8/19
Mukwa Groomed 1/8/19
Connectors Groomed 1/8/19
TRAIL 2nd Priority  
Noque from 14K to 510 8”+ new snow on 1/7/19

TRAIL – Third Priority

Noque to Log Yard– FV 8”+ new snow on 1/7/19.



As always, your feedback is appreciated.    Send in pictures and you too can get your K marker moved to the front of the line.


Saux Head: Trails will be rolled as soon as we can. Trails are groomed weekly.



Fit Strip: Trails will be rolled as soon as we can. Trails are groomed weekly.


Big Bay Pathway: Trails are now well covered and the Big Bay team will be out grooming getting trails ready as soon as possible.


Way Too Long Grooming Report: Well, those of you looking forward to another year of an excellent 50K ski on Noquemanon Ski Marathon race day it looks like you will get just that.  For those of you dreading another death march, it looks like we will get that too.


Too Long To Read Report:

When I received the petition from Our Friends of St. Nicetas of Remesiana I realized I have never told you about my favorite(?) audit professor, “Easy Steve”.  Of course, in those days, one was never on a first name basis with any professor; they were always either Doctor ________ or Professor __________ but I ran into Steve decades later and he informed me of his new nick name.  In the olden days, when even survey classes were taught by tenured professors from prestigious universities, if one learned the subject they could get a “C”.  If you mastered the material you generally got a “B” and if you excelled you may get an “A” but there was no guarantee. Curves were things used to describe marginal supply or gravity waves; not a grade system. “Easy Steve” would generally flunk out 30 percent of the class.  The Finance Department was filled with former Accounting majors that failed Audit. On the up side, if you studied under Easy Steve you passed all parts of the CPA exam on the first try.  Then, when the on-line student survey caused students to sign up for other professors he had a decision to make: he could lighten up or retire.  Now, in retirement he is called “Easy Steve”.  My father always said, “the old way is the best way”.  Well, I have a carbon fiber bike and haven’t owned a pair of pine tar skis for decades but he was right on this one. Although schools were closed and we received a prodigious amount of snow we didn’t have the accompanying follow on cold weather or drifting.  In short, it was not a storm, much less a “Named Storm”.  There is no “Grade Inflation here.