2019 January 20, Grooming Report;

2019 January 20, Grooming Report;    

Thank you Trail Builders:

Today’s report is brought to you by  Matthew and Laura Songer.  The Songers are feted at the Harkin Junction but the picture is from several years ago at 19k.  I would have stopped to take a new picture yesterday but was bonked and my phone was frozen.  New pictures from anyone will be appreciated.    Without folks like the the Songers we would not be able to enjoy the great skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see them, say thanks.


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Forestville Real Grooming Report:    All trails inside 17k are groomed and track set


TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to Pines
Lower Animoosh
Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Upper Animoosh Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Boozoo Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Zhing Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Papasay Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Gookookoo Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Bagwagi Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Chiwagi by pass Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Chiwagi Hills Groomed & Tracked 1/18/19 Skate lane groomed 19th
Migizi Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Waaban Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Mukwa Groomed and tracked 1/20/19
Connectors Groomed & Tracked 1/18/19 Skate lane groomed 19th
TRAIL 2nd Priority  
Noque from Pines to 510 Bombi Groomed & Tracked 1/19/19 but new snow 1/20/19

TRAIL – Third Priority

Noque to tracks at 5k – FV   Groomed & Tracked 1/18/19 but new snow 1/20/19



As always, your feedback is appreciated via reply to this email or to FB.    Send in pictures and you too can get your K marker moved to the front of the line.  See the Nordic skiing FB page https://www.facebook.com/NTNNordic/


Saux Head: All trails groomed Friday

Last grooming: Groomed & Tracked 1/18/19



Fit Strip: All trails groomed and tracked Monday of this week

Last grooming: Groomed & Tracked 1/10/19


Big Bay Pathway:  Dennis groomed Meditation and Hidden Grin Thursday morning.  Meditation is in great shape.  Hidden Grin is fairly good in most areas.  The leg that is about one kilometer for the end did not take a track but is ready for the next snow fall.  If we can get 8 or more inches we can have everything groomed and in great shape including Bear Mountain.


Snow Bike Trails:

South Trails: New cold snow on all trails but groomers will be out asap.  Cold grippy snow makes for fun ridding.


The Langford Loop is now open!  The extreme DH panked trails are really coming around. They are not for the faint of heart. (ed. Note: Panked and Panking are Yooper terms.  We can publish a full decoder ring of all terms used in the grooming report again if there is public demand).


7-10 psi on the SBR.

5-7 psi on single track.

3-5 psi on the panked trails.


North Trails: New snow on all trails but groomers will be out asap.


Of course you can also post your own information on the FB page and you are encouraged to do so. Here is the link:



Way Too Long to Read Report: Open areas and especially the powerlines will see some drifting but most areas are well forested.  The extremely fine cold snow will reward the waxing wizards.  Put on some very hard wax but expect a friction coefficient near or even above 1 where μ  = F / N


Too Long To Read Report: Well, the good news is I know what it feels like to ski 50k on sand.  The bad news is, it does not feel very good.  As I was bonking my way back to the trail head I was thinking, it can’t be this bad on race day; can it?  Well, of course it can.  In fact, I am a firm believer, things can always be worse.  It can be like sand, and there will be people watching!  Fortunately the human brain has a magical ability to sugar coat the really bad memories and accentuate the good ones.  Even now, barely 12 hours after my miserable experience, I am focusing on how beautiful it was; alternating between bright sun and the most interesting snow squalls.  The dead air made the 5f feel pleasant and the snow particles were so small it looked like fog falling out of the sky.  Today you will not want to forget your balaclava.


See you out there.