2019 February 20, Grooming Report;

2019 February 20, Grooming Report;  


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Forestville Real Grooming Report: this morning Andy is grooming and setting track on Noque from the ponds (8k)to the snowmobile trail (18.5k), Chiwaji bypass, Animoosh and connections, Muckwa, Migizi, Gookookoo, Boozhoo, Zhing


TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to 18.5k
Lower Animoosh
Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Upper Animoosh Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Boozoo Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Zhing Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Papasay Deep snow on trail
Gookookoo Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Bagwagi Deep snow on trail
Chiwagi by pass Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Chiwagi Hills Deep snow on trail
Migizi Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Waaban Deep snow on trail
Mukwa Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
Connectors Groomed and tracked 2/20/19
TRAIL 2nd Priority  
Noque from 18.5k  to 510 Deep snow on trail

TRAIL – Third Priority Trail head to ponds

Groomed and tracked 2/20/19



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Saux Head: Groomed and classic tracks set 2/17/19


Fit Strip: Groomed and track set 2/18/19


Big Bay Pathway:  All trails groomed Friday and are in great shape.


Snow Bike Trails:


South Trails: Groomers have the Eh-line, Chunder Muffin and Flow in good shape as they were used for yesterday’s endure race.  A number of other trails have been groomed and this cold weather is firming up the trails nicely although still on the soft side.


North Trails: The following North Trails were re-groomed on Saturday to pack down the foot traffic and should be ridable with 3-4 psi: BLP Rocks, The Pines, Penstock, Collinsville up to the Dam – with BLP Rocks the firmest. Trails are firming up nicely.


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Too Long To Read Report:

Wish I was out there today.  Enjoy