No Grooming April 28, 2015

Lack of Grooming Report April 28, 2015

Girl Skiing small April 26 2015 VS

As you can see above, it is not only dorky guys that ski in late April. There has been a raging debate as to reasons for the preponderance of dorky guy photos being submitted. The conventional wisdom has centered around dorky guys not having anything better to do than go skiing. I, on the other hand, am reminded of the process one goes through when in urgent need of a haircut in a town with two barbers. I always pick the one with a bad haircut. So it is my theory that the dorky guys just don’t know how to use a camera and that is why there are so few pictures of pretty girls.


In any case, there was a flood of entries from skiers at Valley Spur and from all reports there was excellent skiing on most trails and only a few bare spots reported. With good snow cover and cold nights this week it is safe to say the winner of this year’s Last Ski of the Season contest will not come from last weekend’s entries. Sadly (for me anyway), I will not have an entry next weekend as I will be otherwise occupied (hopefully) killing fish (I would likely have better luck drowning worms but can’t avoid being reminded of how rude it is to throw anvils in a quiet pool.).


So, with the veritable cornucopia of prizes likely to be claimed in the coming weeks, the burning question is the tie breaker process. Let us pretend for a minute that next weekend is the last of our ski season. Dozens if not hundreds of applicants will be submitted. Clearly, just as in Nordic jumping, style plays an important role. If two jumpers each soar 120 meters the winner will execute a clean telemark. So, don’t be the one with the squat landing. Costumes, photo quality, caption and intangible elements will all come into play. Good luck and may the best dorky guy or pretty girl win.




ATTENTION SKIERS! PLEASE AVOID ACTIVE LOGGING OPERATION. Logging operations are dangerous. We have signed, flagged and blocked trails in an effort to keep skiers from this danger. Some skiers have chosen to ignore these warnings and it is very disruptive to the operation and dangerous to the skiers. Every time a skier approaches the operation the operation must stop and the logger must assure himself it is again safe to work.   The land owners provide us the courtesy of letting us groom a ski trail on their property. In return we should offer the courtesy of avoiding the active operation. PLEASE DON’T JEPORDIZE A GOOD THING.

Please note: some trails are affected by logging operation.


There are thin spots covered by soft new snow so ski at your own risk or to win a bet.

Skiers are reminded that most of the U.P. is a commercial forest.  This is a great thing because it allows us to play in the woods.  The land owners practice the highest form of sustainable forestry and selectively harvest the high quality northern hardwood.  If you see them in the woods, thank them for their stewardship.



Grooming Comments: Again, no grooming; stern letter to follow.