Ready and Waiting for Snow

The NTN made a goal last spring to do many things.  One of them was to do more marketing locally and throughout the Midwest.  We need to spread the word about the great skiing we have here in Marquette.   The plan is to write weekly to our favorite sites like Skinny Ski and Faster Skier, post more photos on facebook and have the NTN board share their fun out of the trails, volunteering, skiing, dreaming, or just relaxing.  So with that, I present to you one of the first weekly posts from a NTN board member about another goal fulfilled.

Ready and Waiting for Snow at Forestville

Bands of industrious volunteers have been preparing the Forestville Trailhead facility and the 45 kilometers of trails for the season we’ve been waiting for. WINTER!! A summary of the accomplishments and improvements you can look forward to include; all of the trails mowed, overhanging branches lopped and some trails widened to accommodate a double classic track.

Dr. Don Hurst will have over 100 volunteer hours creating new signs, repainting and varnishing old signs and generally making sure that “way finding” on the Forestville trail system is as easy as 1-2-3. Deb Loy and her tribe of merry decorators have painted the entire interior and placed new Nordic ski art on the walls. Next on the wish list is new furniture. An anonymous donor will match the first $500 we collect toward the comfortable replacements to the “old” standbys.

More great news, Craig Stien, Larry Lawless and John Sonderegger have been laying ceramic tile over the hot chocolate stained concrete flooring. The tile and the labor are donated. Doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks to another generous donor, Doug Gentz from Michigan Sales an 8 camera security system is installed in and around the Trailhead to discourage vandalism and theft.

Our good friends at Longyear are trying to assist us in eliminating the target shooting on their lands near the trails and have installed signage to help educate offenders. Finally, our fleet of grooming equipment is locked and loaded for a big “dump”. “Bring it on!” says volunteer mechanic and Jack-of-all trades, Doug Weesen.

As you can see, your membership dollars are spent wisely and frugally thanks to the innumerable hours of volunteer help the NTN enjoys. See you on the trails!