NTN Grooming Report January 2, 2012

NTN Trail Report

Forestville: 1.2.12: The Noque has been rolled to 14k.  Animoosh rolled as well. The snow is coming down thick, 5-8already on the ground with low visibility.  We will be rolling throughout the day but waiting to groom until the snow is packed. Problem areas remain under the hemlocks; in the recently logged 100 yards just below the lower Mead gate near the 20k mark; and in the swamp near the small bridge near 17k.

Blueberry Ridge 1.2.12: Great snow fall in this area too.  We will be waiting until tomorrow to roll and groom.   Snow coverage is good overall, but light at lower elevations, most notably near the Superior/Wildcat junction.

We would like to put a call out for some donated items for the bathroom.  Looking for curtains and larger curtains or office style barriers to put up a couple changing rooms next to the restroom area.  Also looking for a radio or magazines for fire side enjoyment.  Please call 235.6861 if you have something you think might work.

Volunteer Opportunities: It is that time of year again the MGHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon is looking for volunteers.  Friday night Expo, Saturday race day and now Sunday morning opportunities are available.  Call the office or return email at noquenetwork@gmail.com.

We are also looking for Trail Hosts at the pole barn during the week.  Shifts range from a couple hours to four.  Help sell day passes and keep the fire cozy.
Thanks and Happy New Year.