NTN Grooming Report January 13, 2012

NTN Trail Report

Forestville: 1.13.12:  Snow Day number 2 in Marquette!  Our crew was out at 5:00 this morning rolled to the 14k, Animoosh, & Gookookoo.   We will be rolling all inner loops.  If the snow lets up plans are to groom and set track to 14k first and then Chiwagi, Animoosh.  Happy Snow Day.

Blueberry Ridge: 1.13.12 Groomer will be going out today to roll all trails at 11:00 am.  Plans are set to groom again tomorrow morning.

Valley Spur: 1.13.12. Grooming now, track to be set.  Great skiing on all trails.

Saux Head 1.13.12: Rolled yesterday, plan on rolling today again.  Tomorrow a groom will take place if the snow lets up.

Fit Strip 1.5.12: Fit Strip has been groomed and tracks set on all trails.

Al Quaal 1.13.12 Teal Lake Trail – all three loops groomed and tracked, Deer Lake Trail – groomed,Olympic Trail – groomed, School Trail – wind blown (will be groomed and tracked after storm.)

Effective January 1, 2012
The Big Bay Pathway is closed until further notice due to extensive road plowing, logging and trucking along the trail system.
Saux Head Trails are packed and groomed. Stay tuned for alternate plans to the annual Honey Bear event. For more information about the NTN and the Big Bay Pathway, call Nikki, 235-6861.

Volunteer Opportunities: It is that time of year again the MGHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon is looking for volunteers.  Friday night Expo, Saturday race day and now Sunday morning opportunities are available. We are also looking for Trail Hosts at the pole barn during the week.  Shifts range from a couple hours to four.  Help sell day passes and keep the fire cozy. Call the office or return email at noquenetwork@gmail.com.

SISU Ski Fest!

January 14, 2012. “Finnish” in downtown Ironwood. Ski through historic mining areas, scenic bluffs, along the Montreal River and by the World’s Tallest Native American Statue. Commemorative SISU souvenirs for the first 500 races to sign up! Locally crafted age group awards. Traditional “Yooper” fare.

Online & Phone Registration Deadline is Midnight this Thursday, Jan 12, 2012