NTN Grooming Report 1.25.13

Greetings NTN Members,
Forestville: All trails up to pine loop at 16 k were groomed yesterday. Bagwaji and chiwaji were not reset with new classic track. Expect good skiing today!

We plan to have Goo Koo Koo and the Wagis groomed for pass skiing on Sunday am and then make a Bombi run to 510 after the snowbike race Sun am.

Noquemanon Race Trail Update

Friday January 25, 2013 9:30AM As of 9:30AM today, it is snowing lightly.  We expect to get 2-4 inches out of this snowfall today, more towards Ishpeming.  We hauled more snow between Kilometer 4 and 3 yesterday, plus we have received some more snow on top of that.  Our conditions continue to improve.  We are getting closer to being able to set track on the last 4km.  At the moment, we believe we will be able to set a shallow track all the way to the finish.  Depending on how much snow we get, we may be able to do more.  The groomer reports have all been positive with full coverage on the entire course.  Temperatures are in the teens today and are supposed to not drop below 10 degrees tonight, with a high of 22 degrees tomorrow and 30 degrees on Sunday.  Everything is looking very good.  If you want to get a gauge on the trail conditions, I would recommend that you ski the final 4km of the race course, today.  This is the worst of the conditions that you will see on the entire trail.  If you are happy with that, you should be very happy with the rest of it. Jon Mommaerts, Race Director

First time in history our 50k Freestyle race is full. We had 375 bibs and have added 378 racers for Saturdays event! Friday night is the last night to sign up for the race. See you at the Expo from 5:30 to 10pm.

Text messaging is now live! you can link to it from our site  www.superiortiming.com or go directly to http://live.superiortiming.com.  Anyone can sign up at anytime including  during the race. This can also be done from a smart phone. Jr NQ is not part of text messaging.

******We need volunteer for the 19k aid station from 10:20 -3:30 tomorrow.  Please call 235.6861 if you can help.  *********

South Trails Snow Bike Route: SBR is in great shape as the route was groomed yesterday.
Saux Head: Rolled again Sunday (1-20) morning after receiving 3-4 inches Saturday night.  Trail in very good shape.  Will groom when sled is returned from work on the Noque race trail.

Valley Spur; New snow at Valley Spur. See web site for details. http://trailconditions.valleyspur.org/

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.


Fit Strip: Groomed this past weekend

Blueberry Ridge: The DNR has elected to groom Blueberry Ridge this year. DNR equipment is not ready yet but. In the meantime Friends of Blueberry Ridge have groomed some of the trails. As of this report, Wildcat is not yet open. More info on the website.


Big Bay Pathway: Good to have some snow. Work on meditation/ hidden grin is underway. Meditation is compacted, and I ran the drag as well. the snow is decent in most areas, a little scarce on the stretch past the barn. I will set tracks tonight on meditation. Also have half of hidden grin compacted and ran the drag as well, and hope to have that online wed/thurs as well.