NTN Forestville Trailhead Facility Gets a Facelift

While you’ve been hiking, biking, swimming and enjoying our beautiful UP summer, a lot of improvements have been underway at the Forestville Trailhead. The big news is a second bathroom has been installed. We now have a water fountain, a door that has a window to avoid inadvertent collisions and some other interior alterations.

Our goal before opening for the ski season is to give the interior a fresh coat of paint and create some Nordic décor. We’re looking for donations to brighten up our building.

  1. Old race bibs
  2. Old skis
  3. Old snowshoes
  4. Framed Noquemanon Ski Marathon Posters
  5. Race medals
  6. Nordic artwork
  7. Rugs
  • The decorating volunteers are looking for help painting. Paint, brushes, rollers and ladders will be supplied.
  • Rather be outdoors? We have trees to trim, brush to lop, signs to install and wood to stack.

Call or e-mail Nikki Dewald at 235-6861 or noquenetwork@gmail.com for more information.

Do you have any rustic furniture to donate/purchase? We’d like to upgrade our couch and chairs.

Join our first Trailhead work bee on Saturday Oct 20th from 9 am until you have to go. Any amount of help is welcome and needed.