Not a Grooming Report July 2018

July Grooming Report (see explanation as to why this is called a “Grooming Report” below.

Forestville Festival 2018 is coming!  Don’t miss your chance to volunteer.  See important Grooming Report conditions below!

It is hard (for us really old people) to imagine it has been almost 50 years since Max Yasgur uttered those now famous lines that began, “I’m a Farmer.”  Of course, Mr. Yasgur was far more than a farmer.  He was really a great man and not just a foot note to one of the iconic events of the 20th century.  Max envisioned what we have created almost 50 years later.  Well, if you are reading the “Grooming Report” you likely already know about the fabulous music festival held each year at the Forestville trail head so I won’t gas on any longer and will get right to business.  If Max had NTN’s organizational skills he would have held a more successful event.  .   Now is your chance to volunteer and be part of his legacy.

If you missed your opportunity to volunteer at the 4th of July ice cream scooping festivities, it is not too late to help the cause and have some fun.  One of the hero ice cream scoopers was explaining how ice cream had run down his elbow all the way into his sandals when it struck me; Forestville Festival volunteers have an easier row to hoe. Now, don’t get me wrong, no one wants to get beer in their sandals but…

Anyway, volunteer shifts of only 4 hours will get you FREE ADMITION!  Volunteer opportunities include everything from set up to clean up and everything in between.  You can solve world problems with your fellow festival volunteers while you sell tickets, park cars, coordinate merchandise sales or a myriad of other tasks; none of which include getting ice cream in your sandals.  See the list and sign up here: .

The festival is next weekend July 13 and 14 so time is getting short.  You don’t want to let your favorite volunteer spot get taken.

I’ll see you there.


Ok, there is the section on “why is it a Grooming Report”.  Sorry.

First of all, my apologies for the uninitiated.  Summer readers may not know (or appreciate… or even care) why these summer epistles are called “Grooming Reports” (or “Not Grooming Reports as the case may be).  Well, in the other nine months of the year we almost always have at least some skiing and the diligent folks at the NTN strive to make the skiing as good as it can be and we like to report upon our grooming efforts.  Never having been very good at leaving well enough alone, I tend to over communicate (no kidding).  So, at the risk of drawing 12 months of literary criticism, I have leaned into the fray and offer commentary on the important summer events of the day.  Today it is the up coming Forestville Festival 2018.