Grooming Report November 25, 2013

Greetings fellow skiers,

I am casting a wide net for input and support of ski operations this year. Last year Laurie headed up ski operations so I have big shoes to fill. Your input will be appreciated. If you know anyone that has interest in what and how we do things please forward this email. I would love to hear from everyone as to your thoughts and what if anything you are interested in doing by way of volunteering. I know we need trail hosts and groomers. We also need advice on grooming strategy and grooming reporting. Any comments on trail head operations and hours of service will also be appreciated.

We will be having a groomer and trail host orientation Saturday afternoon (1:00) December 7th. We have three snowmobiles, one Gator three Ginzu trac setters, two Bombardiers and various other tools and toys. Come on out and get acquainted.

We will have scheduled a trail head clean up day for next Saturday November 30 at 9:00 A.M. There are not a great many things to do but many hands will make light work. Ideally we will have the chalet in top form for December 1. I have left the door locked to this point as skiing is not good enough to recommend going. With snow in the forecast we may have very good skiing by next weekend. Attached you will find a picture from yesterday. I rolled all trails up to 14k except for Bagwagi Migeeze, Gookookoo and the hills on Chiwagi (sorry about the spelling). I noticed several ski tracks this morning but have not spoken with anyone that went out. If you have any first hand accounts please let me know. I mainly rolled to start the base and get the ground frozen.

I do hope to hear from you,